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10 Great Tips For Fun, Easy Family Travel

Expert advice can be hard to come by when it comes to family travel. Many families travel at least once a year for holidays or annual vacations and have their own ways to survive and hopefully thrive.


Tips For Scoring More Legroom

Have you noticed that padding on airline seats is getting thinner? And the rows are getting closer together? Back in the days when the Lockheed Constellation and the DC-6 ruled the skies, seats used to be less punishing -- they were more like your dad’s La-Z-Boy than the church pews they are today.


Best Seat On Plane Is...

Best Seat on Plane

Flying, as we all know, is not always fun. Along with long delays, disappearing services and creeping costs, choosing the right seat is always a gamble. But one survey claims there is a perfect seat --one that combines maximum comfort with convenience. According to flight-comparison web site Skyscanner, the very best seat on a flight is 6A.


Travel experts share bargain-hunting tips

Experts from Travelzoo, LivingSocial and share strategies for stretching vacation dollars. If you don't know where you're going on vacation this year, you may not be indecisive.


Practical Traveler: Skiers, Take Heart! There Is Snow if You Know Where to Look

Ski Resorts

Try New England, Colorado and New Mexico, where some resorts are seeing snowfall ranges of 40 inches to over 105 inches.

Senh: In California, there's still no rain. What gives. The skiing season has been terrible so far.


Tips for taking a trip with toddlers

“How do you fly with two toddlers?” That’s what Jessica White wants to know. She’s planning to travel soon with her two toddlers and wrote to Overhead Bin for advice.


What to do if you're bumped from flight

When Irfan Baig checked in for a flight from Memphis to Chicago a full 90 minutes before departure, he had no idea it was going to be such a bumpy flight -- or that he'd never take off.


5 tips for booking Thanksgiving flights

5 tips for booking Thanksgiving flights

Feasting on turkey aside, brace yourself for that other Thanksgiving ritual: joining a nationwide mad dash to make it to a family gathering and back in a journey that can exasperate even the most seasoned traveler.


Searching for airfares doesn't have to be a gamble

Searching for airfares doesn't have to be a gamble

Searching for airfares often seems like a game passengers are set up to lose. Prices change from day to day, even minute to minute. Scouring multiple websites for the best deal can be overwhelming. And after you book, there's no guarantee that you got the best price.


Your best Seattle trip tips

Your best Seattle trip tips

CNN's Patrick Oppmann recently shared his suggestions for visitors to his adopted hometown of Seattle, Washington.


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