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Pakistan's Musharraf avoids treason charge by caretaker government

The caretaker government in Pakistan has said it will not put former military ruler Pervez Musharraf on trial for high treason. The government said such a move exceeded its mandate and a decision should be taken by the winner of next month's polls.


Russia expands treason law, critics fear crackdown

A new law expanding Russia's definition of treason took effect Wednesday - and critics say it's so vague that the government can now brand anyone who dissents as a traitor....


Romney stands silent as Obama is accused of treason

Mitt Romney drew criticism Monday after he failed to challenge a questioner who suggested at a campaign event that President Obama should be tried for treason.


Russian convicted over U.S. spy ring

A Russian colonel was convicted of treason for betraying a group of spies in the United States, including Anna Chapman, a court spokeswoman told CNN Monday.


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