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Student Loan Debt Hits $1 Trillion -- Pre-Paid College Tuition Plans May Make a Comeback

College Graduation

We thought we’d dodged a bullet. When the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced that student loan debt had passed the $1 trillion mark my first thought was one of relief since our last child is graduating from college next month. Even though his tuition has almost doubled during his tenure as a student at the University of California, we were fortunate that he will be able to graduate without student loan debt. That may change in the future if he decides to complete a graduate degree, but my husband and I wiped our brows with a collective sigh of relief.


State revenue rises, but not enough to offset cuts

College students clash with administrators over steeply rising tuition. Public employees shut down statehouses amid cuts to pay and retirement benefits. Teachers and social welfare advocates protest budget cuts. Lawmakers struggle to cope with sharp declines in tax revenue.


New year, new laws -- lots of 'em

New laws going into effect Sunday cover some of the nation's most contentious issues, from immigration to abortion, while others deal with tanning beds, tuition and where you can sell a pet.


Cal State trustees vote to raise tuition by 9% for 2012

In a Long Beach meeting marked by violent disruptions, the California State University Board of Trustees on Wednesday voted narrowly to increase annual tuition by 9%, or $500, for next fall.


UC to seek state funds to avoid tuition hike next year

Shifting tactics in a difficult budget situation, University of California President Mark G. Yudof said Tuesday that he would seek enough additional state funding to avoid a tuition hike next year and increase enrollment by 1%, or about 2,100 students.


President to Ease Student-Loan Burden for Low-Income Graduates

An expansion of the income-based college-loan repayment program is expected on Wednesday, lowering monthly payments and allowing some loan consolidation.


How To Qualify For Out-of-State Tuition Breaks

After New Hampshire resident Rebecca Boduch whittled down her list of potential colleges, two schools remained in the running: Northeastern University, a private school where, with the help of a promised scholarship, her tuition would be equivalent to the price of the University of Rhode Island, her second option. But when she found out the latter institution would knock her tuition down about $10,000 a year because she hailed from a state in the same region and wanted to major in biomedical engineering, her decision was easier, she says.


Students protest as UK govt debates tuition hike

Students protest as UK govt debates tuition hike

Angry student protesters marched through central London toward Parliament on Thursday as lawmakers began debating a controversial plan to triple university tuition fees in Britain.


Students march against tuition fee rise

Thousands of students and lecturers are demonstrating in central London against plans to almost treble tuition fees and cut university funding in England. The National Union of Students says about ...


Wal-Mart to Offer Its Workers a College Degree Program

The retailer is joining with a Web-based university to give employees tuition reductions and credits from work.


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