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Why 2013 Is The Year You Need To Get Serious About Tumblr

...Consumers in the critical 18-34 year old demographic are hooked on Tumblr, with the average visitor spending 1.5 hours per month on the site. Today, Tumblr hosts 90 million blogs that generate more than 89 million new posts every day. This astronomical growth helped the site soar into lists of the top 10 most popular websites in the U.S. at the end of last year and is attracting significant interest from brands ranging from fashion to finance.


Saying No to College

The idea that a college diploma is an all-but-mandatory ticket to a successful career is showing fissures. Risky? Perhaps. But it worked for the founders of Twitter, Tumblr and a little company known as Apple.


How To Make Money Off The Animated GIF Comeback


...But in the past three years the animated GIF has made a comeback. A number of young bloggers and artists have found a new niche for the long forgotten GIF—it can bridge the gap between video and still photo. It’s within this niche that these flipbook-like, moving images have exploded in popularity thanks to sites like Tumblr, Reddit and 4Chan.


Beyonce shares personal photos on Tumblr, joins Twitter

Over the past year or so, Beyonce has opened the door to her heavily guarded private life and invited her adoring public in.


The Daily Dot Is A Local Newspaper For The Social Web

Are social sites like Reddit, Tumblr and YouTube communities that are just as worthy of news coverage as local towns? If so what would a community newspaper covering these disparate and little-understood groups of people look like? A new news site, the Daily Dot, attempts to answer that question.


Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter

Long-form blogs were once the outlet of choice, but now sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are favored.


Google aims to make app creation easy

Google aims to make app creation easy

It's not uncommon these days for people to know how to build websites and create blogs. That's largely because sites like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr have simplified the process, so you don't have to be a code wonk to publish.

Senh: Nice. I hope people don't start making apps that are just mobile versions of their websites. I hate it when I'm redirected to mobile sites. I prefer to view the full site, like on my desktop computer. If I want a mobile version of my site, I wouldn't have bought a smartphone with multi-touch.


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