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Saying No to College

The idea that a college diploma is an all-but-mandatory ticket to a successful career is showing fissures. Risky? Perhaps. But it worked for the founders of Twitter, Tumblr and a little company known as Apple.


First-ever Twitter Fiction Festival comes a'Tweeting

Is it possible to say something profound, to create something beautiful or essential, 140 characters at a time? Of course it is! No it isn’t! Oops, that’s already 141 characters. Clearly, the writers in the first-ever Twitter Fiction Festival don't have an easy task. The virtual literary gathering, brought to you by Twitter, begins today. The writers come from 20 countries and were chosen by a committee “composed of experts from around the publishing industry in the U.S.,” according to the official launch page.


Wrongly accused ex-politician vows to sue Twitter users

... Lawyers for the former Conservative politician, Lord Alistair McAlpine, who was wrongly implicated in connection with sex abuse claims by a BBC show, have vowed to end the so-called trial by Twitter. They said they were looking at a "very long list" of users who wrongly repeated the allegations regarding Lord McAlpine with a view to taking legal action in the British courts. Simply deleting the messages would not be enough, the lawyers told The Guardian newspaper.


Cher, Trump in Twitter Tirade

If Cher could turn back time, maybe she wouldn’t have started a Twitter war with “Apprentice” star Donald Trump. The “Believe” singer began posting anti-Trump tweets from her verified Twitter account on Monday when she discovered Trump’s brand was sold at Macy’s.


Social media turn election night into a conversation

Election night unfolded as much on the Web as it did on TV. Many say the real-time conversations on social media were the real show... Right after the television networks projected that he had won reelection, the first thing President Obama did was thank supporters — not with a statement to the media or in an email, but in a tweet.


ABC's Diane Sawyer spurs jokes from Twitterverse

Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer's Election Night performance left some viewers asking if she had begun celebrating Tuesday's election a bit early. Co-anchoring ABC News' coverage, the veteran journalist struck a different manner from her practiced, straight-news-delivering style.


Barack Obama victory tweet most retweeted ever

Barack & Michelle Obama

The words "four more years", coupled with a photo of Barack and Michelle Obama embraced in a hug, have become the most retweeted Twitter post ever. The US president tweeted the message at 0416 GMT, and it has since been retweeted over half a million times. It underlined the now pivotal role social media plays in informing and persuading potential voters.


Betaworks’ Shuts Down Its Apps, Team Heads Over To Digg, the social news service incubated at betaworks, announced today that it’s officially shutting down its iOS apps and removing them from the App Store. The company is also claiming that it’s yet another victim of Twitter’s latest API guidelines, and states that Twitter may have even viewed its service as a competitor. We might not go that far, but it makes for a good story.


Trayvon Martin's postings, records spark court debate

A judge ruled Friday that
Trayvon Martin's school and social media
records should be provided to attorneys
defending the man accused of killing the teen,
who they argue was the aggressor in the
conflict and has a history of violence.


Romney's 'binders full of women' remark goes viral

Binders Full of Women

On the Internet, the real winner of Tuesday night’s presidential debate may just be the phrase “binders full of women.” Mitt Romney’s sound bite quickly spawned its own Twitter account, Facebook page with more than 161,000 likes and countless online memes.


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