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Holder defends testimony in 'Fast and Furious' gun probe

Holder defends testimony in 'Fast and Furious' gun probe

Attorney General Eric Holder lashed back Friday at Republican congressional leaders who suggested he misled a House committee when he testified earlier this year that he was not aware of details about a flawed federal gun investigation that allowed hundreds of weapons to flow to violent Mexican drug cartel enforcers.


Cuomo Sues Bank of America as It Settles With S.E.C.

The attorney general accused the bank and two executives of securities fraud. Meanwhile, the bank settled an S.E.C. claim for $150 million.


Republicans Denounce 'Witch Hunt' of CIA

Attorney general's decision to probe alleged abuses of terrorist detainees draws sharp criticism, as leading Democrats largely applaud the action.


Panel Approves Holder’s Nomination

The Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday overwhelmingly approved, and sent to the full Senate, the nomination of Eric Holder Jr. to be the nation’s 82nd attorney general.


The Caucus: Live Blogging Holder’s Confirmation Hearing

Contentious questioning is expected for Eric Holder Jr., President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for Attorney General.


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