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MegaUpload ripped off YouTube, tried smearing rivals, U.S. says


In the indictment filed in a New Zealand court earlier this month, the U.S. Justice Department says Kim DotCom oversaw an attempt to copy all of YouTube's videos and tried to inform on rivals.


F.C.C. Seeks Review of AT&T Merger With T-Mobile

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission will request an administrative hearing on the proposed $39 billion acquisition... The decision by the chairman, Julius Genachowski, puts a second large roadblock in front of AT&T, the nation’s second-largest wireless phone company, in its effort to buy T-Mobile, the No. 4 carrier. In August, the Justice Department filed a federal antitrust lawsuit to block the merger, saying it would stifle competition.


Merck to pay nearly $1 billion to settle U.S. charges

Merck to pay nearly $1 billion to settle U.S. charges

Merck & Co will pay roughly $950 million to settle criminal and civil charges that it promoted the painkiller drug Vioxx for an unapproved use, the U.S. Justice Department said on Tuesday.


Federal court blocks parts of Alabama immigration law

The injunction from the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals came after the U.S. Justice Department requested that the legislation be put on hold until larger constitutional questions can be addressed.


Justice Dept. challenges Ariz. immigration law

Justice Dept. challenges Ariz. immigration law

The U.S. Justice Department is filing a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Arizona's tough new law targeting illegal immigrants.


U.S. considering lesser term for UBS whistleblower: report

The U.S. Justice Department is considering whether to ask a judge to reduce the jail sentence of Bradley Birkenfeld, the key informant in the U.S. tax fraud case against Swiss bank UBS AG, the New York Times said, citing a person briefed on the matter.


Terror suspect indicted on WMD charge

Terror suspect indicted on WMD charge

A Colorado man arrested in a U.S. terror probe has been indicted on a charge of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction against persons or property in the United States, the Justice Department said today.


US adopts new policy for state secrets claims

The US Justice Department said on Wednesday it will adopt a new policy that could limit the government's claims of state secrets to block lawsuits on national security grounds, a Bush-era tactic kept by the Obama ...


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