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U.S. and South Korea Devise Plan to Counter North

American officials said new “counterprovocation” plans called for an immediate but proportional “response in kind,” hitting the source of any attack by North Korea with similar weapons.


North Korea threatens U.S. with preemptive nuclear strike

North Korea

North Korea threatened the United States on Thursday with a preemptive nuclear strike, raising the level of rhetoric while the U.N. Security Council considers new sanctions against the reclusive country.


North Korea's Kim dashes early hope but U.S. still seeks change: Clinton

Kim Jong Un

North Korea's missile tests and menacing rhetoric have disappointed U.S. expectations that young leader Kim Jong-un would be different than his father but Washington still hopes to persuade Pyongyang to change course, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday.


US criticises Google Korea visit

Eric Schmidt

The US state department says a planned visit to North Korea by Google chairman Eric Schmidt is not "particularly helpful".


In North Korea, learning to hate US starts early

North Korea

A framed poster on the wall of a kindergarten classroom shows bright-eyed children brandishing rifles and bayonets as they attack a hapless American soldier, his face bandaged and blood spurting from his mouth.


North Korea Threatens 'Sea of Fire' If South Fires on Its Waters

North Korea Threatens 'Sea of Fire' If South Fires on Its Waters

North Korea threatened to engulf South Korea’s presidential palace in a “sea of fire” if the south fires even one bullet or shell toward its territorial waters. The Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army issued the threat today after the South Korean military conducted a drill in disputed waters in the Yellow Sea yesterday, the anniversary of a deadly artillery exchange between the two nations.


N. Korea says it agreed to hold further talks with US

North Korea said Monday it has agreed to hold more talks with the United States as Pyongyang renewed its commitment to resuming the long-stalled talks on ending its nuclear weapons programs.


North Korea Frees American Detained for Half Year

North Korea freed an American it held for a half year for reportedly proselytizing, handing him Saturday to a U.S. envoy who said Washington had not promised to provide aid in exchange for the man's release.


Palin fires back with list of Obama gaffes

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has responded to criticism surrounding a recent gaffe when she said the United States must "stand with our North Korean allies" by listing some of President Obama's misstatements.


SKorea reports 2 civilian deaths in NKorea clash

SKorea reports 2 civilian deaths in NKorea clash

Rescuers found the burned bodies Wednesday of two islanders killed in a North Korean artillery attack - the first civilian deaths from a skirmish that marked a dramatic escalation of tensions between the rival Koreas....


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