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Poll: Obama's approval among Hispanics keeps slipping

Although President Obama still enjoys higher job approval ratings from Hispanics than he does from the public at large, a new Ipsos-Telemundo poll shows the president’s support among Hispanics continues to decline.


Obama heckled in New Hampshire

Obama heckled in New Hampshire

It's become a periodic sight: hecklers interrupting a speech by President Obama. This time, followers of the Occupy Wall Street movement began yelling at the president today as he began his speech in Manchester, N.H.

Senh: I thought Obama handled it as well as anyone can in that situation. He waited patiently and let the protesters voice their opinions, allowed them to calm down, and then he went on with his speech. It's helps that his supporters started chanting his name and drowned out the protesters.


Idaho man charged with trying to assassinate Obama

Idaho man charged with trying to assassinate Obama

An Idaho man accused of firing an assault rifle at the White House believed he was Jesus and thought President Barack Obama was the Antichrist, according to court documents and those who knew him. At one point, he even suggested to an acquaintance the president was planning to implant computer tracking chips into children.


GOP group uses Clinton to attack Obama

A conservative group is running ads against President Obama by comparing him unfavorably with a predecessor. No, not Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton.

Senh: Notice that they skipped George W. Bush...


Obama is on the rise politically

Obama is on the rise politically

President Obama appears to be moving up politically. A new Quinnipiac Poll gives Obama an approval rating of 47% -- not great, to be sure, but better than the 41% he rang up in the same poll last month.

Senh: It's good to see that his successes in foreign policy is having an effect on his approval rating. I'm sure Occupy Wall Street helped a little too.


US-Obama Approval: 40% Approve, 55% Disapprove (ARG 10/17-20)

American Research Group10/17-20/11; 1,100 adults, 3% margin of errorMode: Live telephone interviews...


Obama gives himself an 'incomplete' grade

President Obama isn't giving himself a letter grade for his performance in office, saying it's incomplete.


Study says Obama the victim of negative press coverage

When times get tough for politicians, they're usually not shy about blaming the media for their sagging fortunes. The press is an easy target since most such criticism rests on perceptions and feelings rather than concrete, or even academic studies. But on Monday, a report from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism sought to quantify just how positive or negative the media's treatment of President Obama and the field of Republican presidential candidates has really been.


Obama: We are ending Afghanistan war responsibly

President Obama marked the tenth anniversary of the Afghanistan war with a statement praising the U.S. military and pledging to follow through ...


Obama to blast Cantor for blocking jobs bill

President Obama will blame House Republican leader Eric Cantor for blocking his jobs package when he speaks later today in Mesquite, Texas. ...


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