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Why 64.8 percent of Americans didn't get a flu shot

As the country's flu outbreak becomes an epidemic, odds are that you've had a few sheepish feelings about not doing something you probably should have: Gotten a flu shot. As of this November, the majority of American adults 64.8 percent, to be exact had not received a flu immunization. This wasn't a surprise to researchers: Flu is a disease with one of the lowest vaccination rates.


HPV shots don't make girls promiscuous, study says


Shots that protect against cervical cancer do not make girls promiscuous, according to the first study to compare medical records for vaccinated and unvaccinated girls.


What to know about back-to-school vaccinations

Back-to-school time means shopping for school or dorm room supplies, picking classes and savoring summer's waning days.


Teen awarded $12.6 million in vaccination lawsuit

A teenager who lost all four limbs because of a vaccination error has won a $12.6 million award in a lawsuit against the University of Miami medical school. The Miami jury reached the verdict Friday in the case of Shaniah Rolle of Miramar. A judge will likely reduce the award because jurors found Rolle's mother partly at fault for not giving her enough medication.

Senh: Jeez. The vaccine had expired 5 months ago. Human error in the medical field has trafic consequences.


Many parents opt for "alternative" vaccination schedule

Many parents opt for

Health officials are concerned about the trend at a time when many infectious diseases are making a comeback.


Study: Whooping cough vaccination fades in 3 years

The whooping cough vaccine given to babies and toddlers loses much of its effectiveness after just three years - a lot faster than doctors believed - and that could help explain a recent series of outbreaks in the U.S. among children who were fully vaccinated, a study suggests....


Well: Vaccines Protect the Youngest Babies

Two new studies offer good news for newborns and children about two different vaccinations -- flu vaccine for pregnant women, and rotavirus vaccine for infants.


U.S. on track for most measles cases in a decade

U.S. on track for most measles cases in a decade

The United States seems to be on track to have more measles cases than any year in more than a decade, with virtually all cases linked to other countries, including Europe where there's a big outbreak.


Most parents vaccinate kids, trust docs' advice on shots

Most parents vaccinate kids, trust docs' advice on shots

About 93% of parents said their children either had or were going to get all of the recommended vaccinations, and more than three-fourths said ...


Giving Oral Sex Could Lead to Lung Cancer

Giving oral sex could lead to lung cancer—if you skip the HPV vaccination. Researchers with the International Agency for Research on Cancer compared the HPV antibodies of lung cancer patients to those of cancer-free patients. The findings: Having HPV was associated with more than a 30 percent increased risk for lung cancer.


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