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New Study by CDC Finds Number of Early Childhood Vaccines Not Linked to Autism

A large new government study should reassure parents who are afraid that kids are getting autism because they receive too many vaccines too early in life. The study, by researchers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, found no connection between the number of vaccines a child received and his or her risk of autism spectrum disorder. It also found that even though kids are getting more vaccines these days, those vaccines contain many fewer of the substances that provoke an immune response.


Report: Vaccines generally safe, some side effects

Report: Vaccines generally safe, some side effects

Vaccines can cause certain side effects but serious ones appear very rare - and there's no link with autism and Type 1 diabetes, the Institute of Medicine says in the first comprehensive safety review in 17 years....


Magazine Preview: Autism Guru Fights for His Reputation and Theory

Condemned by the medical establishment, Andrew Wakefield still believes in the link between autism and vaccines.


Nearly half of Americans still suspect vaccine-autism link

Just a slim majority of Americans 52% think vaccines don't cause autism, a new Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll found


Opinion: Prosecute autism researcher

Finally, after 13 years of needless controversy, the British Medical Journal determined that Andrew Wakefield's vaccine-autism link constituted an "elaborate fraud."

Senh: That's seems like the next obvious thing to do. Jenny McCarthy also needs to use her celebrity to disassociate herself from Andrew Wakefield and his fraudulent findings.


Journal: Study linking vaccine to autism was fraud

Journal: Study linking vaccine to autism was fraud

The first study to link a childhood vaccine to autism was based on doctored information about the children involved, according to a new report on the widely discredited research.

Senh: Why is Andrew Wakefield still allowed to walk freely in the United States? Shouldn't he be extradited to England?


No link found between vaccine mercury and autism

A new government study adds to the evidence that thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative until recently found in many vaccines, does not increase children's risk of autism.


No link between vaccines and autism, court rules

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld a decision last year by a special vaccine court, which concluded vaccines are not to blame for autism.


Medical journal retracts autism study

Medical journal retracts autism study

The medical journal The Lancet on Tuesday retracted a controversial 1998 paper that linked the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism.


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