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GOP VP pick's Medicare plan back in spotlight

Republican Paul Ryan's blueprint for Medicare could prove as polarizing in the campaign as President Barack Obama's health care overhaul has been. Even Mitt Romney may not want to go there....


USAT/Gallup Poll: Paul Ryan rates low as VP

Americans don't believe GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney hit a home run with his choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, with more of the public giving him lower marks than high ones.


Axelrod: Ryan selection evokes memories of Palin

Paul Ryan

A senior political adviser to President Barack Obama is likening Mitt Romney's selection of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate to John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin. David Axelrod tells "CBS This Morning" he recalls "that kind of excitement four years ago" when McCain presented Palin to the country as his choice for vice president. Axelrod says in Monday's interview he thinks the selection of Ryan, who is popular with tea party figures - as Palin was - is "not going to be a plus for Mr. Romney."


When Mitt Romney settled on Paul Ryan and how he kept it a secret

Paul Ryan’s path to Saturday’s surprise announcement that he would be Mitt Romney’s running mate began with a walk in the woods. But these were not just any woods. No, these were the woods where the Wisconsin congressman grew up. To escape his Janesville home undetected on Friday, Ryan snuck out his back door, walked through the woods behind his house and past the old tree fort he built as a boy and the driveway of his childhood home.


Wikipedia Correctly Picked Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Nominee A Week Ago

Paul Ryan

In 2008, people were wondering who would become John McCain’s running mate for the presidential election. We all know now that it was Sarah Palin. Leading up to the announcement, her page on Wikipedia was the most edited of all candidates, according to


Romney campaign announces Paul Ryan as running mate

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney announced Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate on Saturday. The campaign made the announcement just after 7 a.m.


Romney to announce running mate Saturday in Va.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will announce his running mate Saturday morning in Norfolk, Va., his campaign said Friday night. The short list of candidates - if there is one ...


Tim Pawlenty waits to see if his campaigning will lead to vice presidential nod

During a recent weekend in North Carolina, Tim Pawlenty did what he has been doing over the past year for Mitt Romney: He drove himself non-stop. In one town, he discussed the economy and jobs with a group of parents at an ice rink. Before the event ended, the former high school junior varsity hockey player had taken to the ice to give children a few skating tips. Soon, he was off again. He helped to open a Republican office in Raleigh, turning fiery, using the occasion to hammer President Obama and show off his combative skills: “I’m tired of hearing his teleprompter speeches and no results. . . . Those words, they don’t put gas in our cars, do they?”


Wikipedia May Provide Clues To Romney's VP Selection

As the buzz around Mitt Romney’s upcoming running mate selection builds, some are looking to Wikipedia to find out who the pick will be. As Micah Sifry of TechPresident notes, tracking Wikipedia page edits in 2008 would have accurately predicted the VP selections: "Sarah Palin‘s Wikipedia page was updated at least 68 times the day before John McCain announced her selection, with another 54 changes made in the five previous days previous..."


10 GOP governors rally around Romney

Fresh from a foreign trip marked by a number of stumbles, Mitt Romney was back in his element late Thursday with 10 Republican governors in Basalt, Colo... New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer all accompanied Romney on his first day back campaigning in America since his trip overseas.

Senh: After his disastrous foreign trip, Romney needs as much help as he can get.


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