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UN Says Europe Wastes 50% of Fruit And Vegetables. And America Isn't Much Better


Close to 50% of all fruits and vegetables in the European Union go to waste says a new report by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN. These losses occur throughout the entire food chain, from “farm to fork,” but the predominant losses are linked to the production of produce, not to consumers discarding uneaten remnants of the weekly shop.


Number of US farmers markets surges

Farmers Market

As demand for locally grown fruits and vegetables has increased, so too has the number of urban farmers markets sprouting up across the nation. The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Friday that the number of direct-sales markets has increased 9.6 percent in the past year, with California and New York leading the way.


How Broccoli Became a Symbol in the Health Care Debate

In arguments made against the Obama administration’s health care law, a thread that runs through many of them is an analogy between the health care law and broccoli.


Sprouts recalled over salmonella fears

A potential salmonella outbreak has prompted a multi-state recall of sprouts, an Idaho food company announced Friday.


Germany says vegetable sprouts caused deadly E. coli outbreak

Germany says vegetable sprouts caused deadly E. coli outbreak

An official says the tainted sprouts may have been eaten or thrown away by now, but people should still not eat sprouts. However, the warning against cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce is lifted. The outbreak killed 29.


WHO: E. coli outbreak caused by new strain

WHO: E. coli outbreak caused by new strain

The World Health Organization said Thursday that the E. coli bacteria responsible for a deadly outbreak that has left 18 dead and sickened hundreds in Europe is a new strain that has never been seen before....


Spain lashes out over E. coli accusations

Spain lashes out over E. coli accusations

Spain denies allegations its cucumbers caused the illness that has killed and sickened people in Germany and Sweden.


Cucumber fear spreads in Europe

The Czech Republic and Austria take Spanish-grown cucumbers off the shelves after an E. coli contamination in Germany leaves 10 dead.


Neanderthals 'cooked vegetables', study finds

Neanderthals 'cooked vegetables', study finds

Neanderthals cooked and ate plants and vegetables, a new study of their remains reveals.


Wal-Mart Plans Drive to Buy More Locally Grown Produce

Under the program, the chain will invest in training and infrastructure for small and medium-sized farmers and measure the efficiency of large suppliers in growing and getting their produce to market.


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