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Chinese military denies damaging Vietnamese fishing boat in South China Sea clash

After a week of acrimonious accusations between China and Vietnam, the Chinese military has admitted that one of its ships fired at a Vietnamese fishing boat, though it insisted that only flares were shot and that Vietnam’s claims of fire damage to the fishing boat were a “sheer fabrication.”


China angers neighbors with sea claims on new passports

The Philippines and Vietnam condemned Chinese passports containing a map of China's disputed maritime claims on Thursday, branding the new design a violation of their sovereignty.


Asia tensions loom as Obama meets Japan, China leaders

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama urged Asian leaders on Tuesday to rein in tensions in the South China Sea and other disputed territory, but stopped short of firmly backing allies Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam in their disputes with China.


In Vietnam, Growing Fears of an Economic Meltdown

Vietnam Property Crisis

In Vietnam’s major cities, a once-booming property market has come crashing down, adding to an economic slowdown that is being compared to the 1997 Asian financial crisis.


Beijing Reasserts Its Claims in South China Sea

China recently established a larger army garrison and expanded the size of an ostensible legislature to govern a speck of land, known as Yongxing Island, more than 200 miles southeast of Hainan. The goal of that move, Mr. Wu said, is to allow Beijing to “exercise sovereignty over all land features inside the South China Sea,” including more than 40 islands “now occupied illegally” by Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia.


Cops clean up ring of Tide detergent crooks


In a bust that gives new meaning to the term “white-collar crime,” authorities in suburban Washington, D.C., broke up a ring of thieves who bought stolen Tide laundry detergent and exported it for resale in Vietnam...Specifically, shoplifting Tide is big business.


Vietnamese Police Crush Anti-China Protest

Vietnamese police have swooped in and crushed an anti-China rally, forcing dozens of protesters who refused to stop chanting onto two buses that were driven away.


Snakes on a train: Vietnam on alert

Vietnamese authorities are on alert for animal smugglers after four bags of deadly snakes were found on a train from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, according to local press reports.


Daily Travel Flashback: Hanoi, Vietnam

Daily Travel Flashback: Hanoi, Vietnam

It’s Day Two of Jennifer Pinkowski Week, and today’s photo brings us to Lenin Park in Hanoi, where Jennifer had visited to report on a major archaeological dig. Jennifer is a well-traveled New York-based writer and photographer who has covered science, culture, and travel. This image brings back memories of the first time she was tailed by a government minder, and of the ways in which travel experiences can confound our expectations.


Vo Trong Nghia's Water And Wind Cafe Bamboo Dome Built Without Using A Single Nail (PHOTOS)

Vo Trong Nghia's Water And Wind Cafe Bamboo Dome Built Without Using A Single Nail (PHOTOS)

Believe it or not, this impressive bamboo dome is made of almost all natural materials and was built without using even one nail! Designed by Vo Trong Nghia, Vietnam's resident bamboo building master, the massive structure is called the Water and Wind Cafe and is located in the Binh Duong province of Vietnam.


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