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UK budget airline to test ash cloud detector

Budget airline easyJet PLC says it has acquired a ton of ash from Icelandic volcanoes for use in an experiment to test ash detection technology.


Video: Volcano hunter: Standing near lava ‘like a drug’

Active Volcano

Adventurer, volcanologist and news cameraman Geoff Mackley chases natural disasters and weather stories for a living and tells msnbc’s Willie Geist that standing 30 yards away from an active volcano was “indescribable.”


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Guatemala volcano erupts, thousands being evacuated

Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupted on Thursday, spewing smoke and ash into the sky and forcing the evacuation of thousands of people, local emergency services said.


Volcano belches ash, smoke 2 miles up

Nicaragua Volcano Eruption

A volcano in western Nicaragua erupted Saturday, shooting gas and ashes some 2.5 miles into the sky, a government agency said.


'Black box' found of Russia jet in Indonesia crash

Black Box of Russian Airplane

Indonesian special forces have found the cockpit voice recorder from a Russian passenger jet that smashed into the side of a volcano, killing 45 people.


Mass Extinction on Earth Caused by Deadly 'Burp'

Mass Extinction on Earth Caused by Deadly 'Burp'

A massive, long-ago extinction was once thought to have been caused by a destructive wave of volcanic activity. Scientists now point their fingers at another culprit. A giant, deadly “Earth burp.”


Erupting volcano forces 1,000 to flee in Indonesia

Nearly 1,000 residents have fled two villages near an Indonesian volcano that has been erupting this week.


Ash cloud grounds Australian flights

An ash cloud drifting around the world for a second time after spewing from a Chilean volcano more than two weeks ago is once again grounding commercial jets and stranding thousands of passengers in Australia.


Chile volcano ash circles globe, returns home

The ash cloud from a Chilean volcano that has been erupting for nearly two weeks has circled the globe and come home again.


Ash grounds flights 2 oceans away from volcano

Ash grounds flights 2 oceans away from volcano

Dozens of flights were cancelled Sunday after an ash cloud from an erupting volcano in Chile drifted thousands of miles over the Atlantic and Indian oceans.


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