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Heinz CEO entitled to $56 million golden parachute

Heinz CEO William Johnson is entitled to a golden parachute worth $56 million if he's fired by the company's new owners. Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital announced last month they were buying the ketchup maker for $23.3 billion. Pittsburgh-based Heinz disclosed Johnson's deal in a regulatory filing Monday.


Ex-Protégé Criticizes Buffett Over Exit

David Sokol has harsh words for his former mentor, saying "I will never understand why Mr. Buffett chose to hurt my family in such a way."


Buffett says global economy slowing, wants more deals

Warren Buffett sees clear signs that the global economy is slowing, although the U.S. economy is "inching ahead" as other regions decline, the Berkshire Hathaway chief executive officer said on Wednesday.


Actually, the wealthy are taxed more, but ...

Paying taxes is bad enough. Finding out you pay a larger percentage of your income than presidential candidate Mitt Romney or billionaire Warren Buffet makes it even worse. But that's the case for millions of American, who pay higher rates because most or all of their income comes from a salary rather than dividends. The capital gains tax rate on investments currently tops out at 15 percent, while the highest rate for earned income is more than twice that at 35 percent.


Warren Buffett says ex Berkshire exec clearly violated ethics standards with Lubrizol trades

Warren Buffett says ex Berkshire exec clearly violated ethics standards with Lubrizol trades

Warren Buffett believes David Sokol clearly violated Berkshire Hathaway’s ethical standards when he bought stock in Lubrizol before recommending that Berkshire buy the chemical company.


Berkshire Hathaway says former executive violated insider trading, ethics policies with trades

Berkshire Hathaway said Wednesday that a former top executive who many believed might one day succeed Warren Buffett as CEO violated the company’s insider trading and ethics policies by buying stock in a chemical company Berkshire is acquiring and failing to disclose key details.


Goldman Sachs’ income falls after paying $1.6B dividend to Buffett, still beats estimates

Goldman Sachs’ first-quarter income fell 72 percent after the bank paid out $1.64 billion in dividends to redeem preferred shares it issued to billionaire investor Warren Buffett during the financial crisis.


40 billionaires pledge to donate half their wealth

More than three dozen of America's wealthiest individuals and families have joined Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in agreeing to give away at least half their fortunes to charity.


Warren Buffett donates $1.93 billion to charities

Warren Buffett donates $1.93 billion to charities

Warren Buffett has donated another $1.93 billion to five charitable foundations, the third-highest amount since the investor began donating 99 percent of his wealth in 2006.


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