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Mexico moving forward with wave powered farms

Wave power is the oft-forgotten cousin of solar and wind power. It has huge potential, but it is not quite as far along as the better known sources of clean power, so it tends to be overlooked. But it shouldn't! To clean up our power grid we'll need all the help we can get. Granted, in many places where wave power would work, offshore wind power would also work, but that might not be the case everywhere (ie. very deep water), and if wave power's cost can be brought down enough, that might not even matter.


Search ends for boy swept to sea in California

No sign of boy who drowned going after family dog... Howard Kuljian and his family were out for a walk on a damp, overcast morning at Big Lagoon beach, playing fetch with their dog Fran as 10-foot (3-meter) surf churned the water just feet away like a washing machine. Signs near the beach warned of "sneaker waves," the kind that suddenly roar ashore.


Giant waves kill 2 on cruise ship

Giant waves kill 2 on cruise ship

Two passengers aboard a cruise ship were killed when 26-foot waves crashed into the vessel Wednesday, officials said.


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