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Homeland Security still says no to Java


The Department of Homeland Security says despite some fixes to Java, it continues to recommend users disable the program in their Web browsers, because it remains vulnerable to attacks that could result in identity theft and other cyber crimes.


Report: Cell Carriers Keep Personal Data Up to 7 Yrs.

Report: Cell Carriers Keep Personal Data Up to 7 Yrs.

A document obtained by the ACLU shows for the first time how the four largest cellphone companies in the U.S. treat data about their subscribers' calls, text messages, Web surfing and approximate locations.


Mobile app use outpacing web browsing, says report

For the first time ever, the numbers of minutes spent each day using mobile apps has surpassed the number of minutes spent surfing the Web, both on the desktop and mobile devices. Read this blog post by Lance Whitney on Digital Media.


Netflix's Internet Traffic Overtakes Web Surfing

Netflix's Internet Traffic Overtakes Web Surfing

Move over, Web surfing. Netflix movies now take up more of the Internet pipes going into North American homes. A study published Tuesday by Sandvine Inc. shows that Netflix movies and TV shows account for nearly 30 percent of traffic into homes during peak evening hours, compared with less than 17 percent for Web browsing.


New 3G iPad Reviewed — and Found Superior

The bottom line, if you're considering an iPad purchase and you plan to take it outside of your house for any length of time, be it the park, the bus, the train, or the Internet free zone at the grandparents' house, the always connected 3G is the sure way to go. Without the Internet, the iPad is a severely handicapped device. Trust me, you're going to want the Internet. After all, this is the best Internet browsing device I've ever used.

Senh: So with 3G, the iPad is about $630. You can almost buy two netbooks with that, which has more power, more storage, supports flash, and can run all of your desktop applications. The advantage of the iPad is mobility. I can see people using this while sitting on the toilet, but not a netbook. If netbooks start offering touchscreens for the same price, then that would be a killer.


AdMob Reports on Mobile Web's Explosive Growth

Mobile ad firm AdMob has revealed the dramatic changes the mobile industry has seen in their second annual Mobile Metrics Report, released just this morning. Believe it or not, it was only a year ago that the Motorola RAZR scored as the number one phone here in the U.S. while the iPhone was the only touchscreen device to even make the list of top ten handsets. Only a year later, and so much has changed.


Social Networking Sites Dominate Mobile Web

Social Networking Sites Dominate Mobile Web

"I didn't really use Facebook that much until I got my iPhone." Sound familiar? That sentiment and variations of it has provided powerful anecdotal evidence over the past several months about the impact smartphones are having on the way people are using the mobile web to connect with others.


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