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Pixlr’s Online Image Editor, When All You Want To Do Is Resize An Image

I was looking for a Chrome app that would allow me to resize images and came upon Pixlr’s online image editor. Open up their website on any browser (I’ve only used it on Firefox and Chrome), and you get a fast simpler version of Photoshop online. I only use it to resize images, but a lot of the common features on Photoshop are here - like layers, history, filters, and much more. It’s pretty cool.


"Read It Later" App Renamed to "Pocket;" Chrome Apps Still Inferior to Firefox

Pocket (formerly Read It Later)

I saw a tweet last night from FilmSchoolReject.com, a film site, that said how the “Pocket” app’s integration with Chrome had changed his workflow. As someone who’s always looking for online tools that would improve my productivity, I was curious.

Turns out the “Read It Later” app has rebranded itself as “Pocket.” The tagline is when you find someone you like on the net, put it in your pocket. Yeah, whatever.


Just a Few Chrome Apps Away from Jumping Off The Firefox Ship

Chrome Web Store

When Google first launched Google Chrome, I installed it and give it a test drive. I was fairly impressed. It had a super clean interface and was really fast. Pages rendered noticeably faster than Firefox.

Back then, even though I wanted to take the Chrome plunge, I couldn’t. It didn’t have all, or even half, of the apps I needed for web development and maintaining the content on Wopular.


Digging the Annotation Feature on Google Analytics

Digging the Annotation Feature on Google Analytics

Google recently added a new feature on Analytics - graph annotations. It's a small feature, and I had to do a double-take to make sure I wasn't seeing things when I first saw it. You can click on any date in the graph and make a note that you can make private or share. Below the traffic graph, there's an ajax arrow that you can click on to make annotations or see a list of them. It looks like the feature only supports notes on a day in the graph and not a range of dates. It's a helpful new feature. If you launched something new on your site, you can annotate it to see how it affects traffic.


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