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Firefighter charged in 12-year sex slavery case commits suicide

Frank Meyer, a 911 dispatcher and volunteer firefighter charged with slave trafficking and sexual assault, committed suicide on Tuesday night while out on bail in Vermont. Vermont State Police arrested Meyer, 39, a volunteer West Haven, Conn., firefighter, in Ludlow, Vt., on Feb. 27 after a sting operation in which the victim wore a wire.


Dunkin' Donut Employee Goes All Dirty Harry on Would-Be Robber, Comes Up with Amazing Catchphrase on the Spot

Dunkin' Donuts

A robbery attempt at a Dunkin' Donuts in West Haven, Connecticut, over the weekend was quickly foiled when a rogue employee doused the perp with a cup of hot coffee. The clerk, identified only as Angelica, said a man who had rolled up to the drive-thru window after ordering coffee asked her to change a $100, which she declined to do.


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