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The Windows Phone App Store Argument Moves From Volume to Variety

The Windows Store has passed 150,000 applications, but Microsoft are not making any fuss over it. The psychological 100,000 app mark was passed earlier in the year, and if Microsoft are of the opinion that they don't need to shout out every app milestone, then I am in agreement with them. The hurdle of 'volume' has been overcome, the next step up is 'variety'.


Nokia Rings In The Holiday Season With Strong Lumia Demand

The coming months will be very important for Lumia since Nokia will have to work hard to ensure that the demand doesn’t fizzle out post the initial euphoria in order to stage a turnaround in its smartphone business.


Microsoft Tests Smartphone

Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is working with Asian suppliers to test its own smartphone design, suggesting the computer-software giant is increasingly adopting a similar business model to that of rival Apple.


BBC News -Google reacts to Apple's US patent victory over Samsung

Google has said that it does not want the ruling in the Apple-Samsung patent lawsuit to "limit" consumers' access to Android devices... There has been speculation that the news could encourage handset makers to install the rival Windows Phone system.


Nokia Halves U.S. Price of Flagship Phone

Lumia 900

The price of Nokia's flagship Lumia 900 Windows phone has been cut in half in the critical U.S. market, a little more than three months after the launch of the smartphone at AT&T stores.


Microsoft Did Not Sacrifice Existing Windows Phone Users For WP8

Far from throwing their existing users under a truck marked Windows Phone 8, Microsoft have promised an update that will keep their handsets up to date, and add functionality to their smartphones. It's just a shame they didn't do very well in telling the world that bit of the Windows Phone story.


Windows Phone 8 adds navigation, custom-size tiles, shared Windows code

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced features of its upcoming Windows Phone 8 mobile OS, including built-in turn-by-turn navigation, a secure "wallet" system, a new, faster browser and live tiles that can be custom sized to better fit the Start screen. Perhaps most importantly, the company revealed that the next wave of Windows Phones will really be Windows Phones, because when Windows Phone 8 comes out, it will share a "common core" of software with Windows 8.


Bug hits new Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone

Nokia says that a bug is causing its latest smartphone to occasionally lose its data connection and is offering customers $100 (£63) in call credits. The Finnish manufacturer said a fix for the Lumia 900's "memory management issue" would be issued on 16 April.


Microsoft Woos App Developers

Apps Chart

Microsoft, struggling to dent the dominance of Apple and Google in the smartphone market, is aggressively courting app developers for its Windows Phone.


CES: A Look At The Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone

One of the bigger, if expected, events at today’s CES Press Day was the announcement (three times) that AT&T will offer the Microsoft Windows-based Nokia Lumia 900 smart phone. AT&T announced the news Monday morning at a meeting for developers – with a hand from Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer; Nokia then discussed it at their own event; and then Ballmer discussed the launch again at his keynote Monday night.

Senh: I'm not sure if the Windows Phone will ever catch up to Android or the iPhone. It might be too little too late.


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