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Google clashes with Swedes over 'ungoogleable'

Sweden's language watchdog has accused Google of trying to control the Swedish language in a dispute over the definition of the colloquial term "ungoogleable. The Swedish version of the word — "ogooglebar" — made the Language Council of Sweden's 2012 list of words that aren't in the Swedish dictionary but have entered common parlance. The council defined it as something "that cannot be found on the Web with a search engine."


F-bomb, Sexting Among New Words In Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

It's about freakin' time. The term "F-bomb" surfaced in newspapers more than 20 years ago but will land Tuesday for the first time in the mainstream Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, along with sexting, flexitarian, obesogenic, energy drink and life coach.


Retweet, sexting added to dictionary

Retweet, sexting added to dictionary

Don't be a denialist. Instead put on your jeggings (breathe in) or mankini (be careful) and retweet this article. After all, it's hip to be in the know on the 400 new words and phrases in the 12th edition of Concise Oxford English Dictionary, the abridged version of the Oxford English Dictionary. The smaller dictionary is meant to "cover the language of its own time."


'OK' is the Most Honest Word on the Planet

'OK' is the Most Honest Word on the Planet

From its humble origins as a inside joke for newsmen, "OK" has become the most popular word on the planet, and the most honest... “These two simple letters ... anchor our agreements, confirm our understandings, and choreograph the dance of everyday life,” writes Allan Metcalf in “OK: The Improbable Story of America’s Greatest Word,” recently published by Oxford University Press Inc.


Poll finds most annoying word — ‘whatever’

What word or phrase do Americans find most annoying when used in conversations?


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