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Matching orange shirts get workers fired

Law Firm

Forget about seeing red. Managers at a Florida law firm reportedly saw orange and fired everyone wearing the color... Florida, among other states, is an at-will work state and that means employers can pretty much fire you for whatever reason, except when it comes to discriminating against a particular group.


It's Leap Day! You may be working for free

If you’re a salaried employee and you’re slaving away at work today, you may be working for free.


Tweeting about a bad day could lose you your job

Tweeting at Work

Employees who tweet or update their Facebook status saying ‘I had a bad day at
work’ could face losing their jobs, says a leading employment lawyer.


How Your Salary Level Affects Your Happiness

A new survey by the jobs site finds that employees with higher salaries are happier with all aspect of their work life, not just their compensation.


Employee Loyalty Dropping Worldwide

Employee Loyalty Dropping Worldwide

At a time of lingering economic malaise, gyrating markets and high unemployment, it's not surprising that workers around the world are less than content at their jobs. They're also feeling a diminished sense of loyalty, according to a new global analysis of data gathered by Mercer, the giant New York City-based human resources consulting firm.

Senh: It's hard to remain loyal when businesses to cutting jobs left and right.


Can You Trust Your Employer's 401k Plan? Not If Company Stock Is An Option.

The presence of company stock within a 401k plan is a major red flag. On the other hand, it provides a simple way for employees to assess whether they can trust their employer and any of the products and services offered within a plan. The more company stock within a 401k plan, the less an employer can be trusted. It's that simple.


Do You Have The 12 Signs Of A Great Boss?

In all the years I've been teaching and coaching managers, I've yet to meet one who wakes up each morning, thinking, "How can I make someone's life hell today?" Most bosses really want to do right by their people, knowing it's not always easy to juggle business objectives, constant ...


Women, swearing and the workplace

It's not every day you read about one top-level executive asking another where his balls are. But in the end, former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz lived up to her reputation for "salty language" and candid management style.


Toxic Colleagues: Nine Coworkers To Watch Out For

You can pick your friends, you can pick your job. But you can't pick your colleagues. How to spot the nine most toxic coworkers in your office.


How Men Can Be Better Mentors to Women

If you're a man who wants to mentor a woman, you're going to have to make some allowances for how women work.


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