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How to complain: Squeaky wheel still gets the grease

Most people who have a complaint don’t really push for a solution. They make a quick phone call or send an email, but if they get the brush-off, they’re done. The fact is, if you want to get your problem solved, you need to speak up and stand your ground until the company makes you happy.


Study: No quick savings from workplace wellness

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Your bosses want you to eat your broccoli, hit the treadmill and pledge you'll never puff on a cigarette. But a new study raises doubts that workplace wellness programs save the company money. In what's being called the most rigorous look yet inside the wellness trend, independent researchers tracked the program at a major St. Louis hospital system for two years. Hospitalizations for employees and family members dropped dramatically, by 41 percent overall for six major conditions. But increased outpatient costs erased those savings.


Sears, Dish Network among worst workplaces


Companies often tout their workplaces as an inviting environment for employees. Yet many are far from it, and workers at many of the largest corporations dislike, or even hate, their jobs.


Risk of violence in federal workplace examined

All federal government organizations are potentially at risk for workplace violence, not just those in high-crime areas or dealing with violent members of the public, according to an agency studying the issue.


'Take Your Kids to Work Day' fades away

Thursday is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work day, although perhaps you didn't notice. The annual event, started 20 years ago as a way to expose girls and young women to workplace and career opportunities, has attracted less attention in recent years.


Sex Talk at Work Hurts Bottom Line

Sex Talk at Work Hurts Bottom Line

Some people enjoy flirtation and sexual innuendos in the workplace, and others find it rude, but either way it seems to drag down everyone's morale.


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