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'World War Z' Gets a New Trailer

World War Z

We've seen so many zombie movies at this point that the only way to add anything new to the genre is to approach it from a truly ridiculous angle (see: Warm Bodies). Kudos, then, to Marc Forster's World War Z -- it may not reinvent the zombie movie, but if this latest trailer is anything to go by, it makes up in souped-up thrills what it lacks in originality.


'World War Z' Super Bowl Trailer: Brad Pitt Zombie Movie Teased

We got a sneak peek into Brad Pitt's upcoming post-apocalyptic horror movie "World War Z" in a gray-hued, fast-paced trailer that aired shortly before the start of the 2013 Super Bowl.As The Huffington Post noted in an earlier post, the trailer, featuring a long-haired Pitt, "shows off the zombie apocalypse ('We've lost the East Coast') without actually showing off the zombie apocalypse."


SWAT team raids Pitt's 'World War Z' warehouse

SWAT team raids Pitt's 'World War Z' warehouse

Brad Pitt isn't a terrorist — but he's certainly being treated like one. On Monday, a SWAT team raided a Budapest warehouse holding weapons being used in Pitt's upcoming zombie movie "World War Z." "The film is already over budget and over schedule," a source tells Us Weekly. "Brad is furious."


Brad Pitt Shoots Zombie Movie in Glasgow

A smiling Brad Pitt has been seen waving to fans in the Scottish city of Glasgow as he left the set of his latest movie "World War Z." The U.S. actor was in town this week to shoot the zombie horror movie, which is based on a book by Max Brooks.


Brad Pitt to Star in Zombie Movie 'World War Z'

Brains for Brad. If you're like me and you always wanted to see Brad Pitt kick some zombie butt, let's go party. The Inglorious Basterds star has officially signed on to star in the film adaptation of the novel World War Z, about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse.


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