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New Xbox Coming: Microsoft Announcement Of New Video Game Console Slated For May 21

Microsoft Corp will unveil its much-anticipated next-generation Xbox on May 21 following months of speculation the company is gearing up to announce a new video game console this summer.


Event for new Xbox could happen in May

The next generation of Xbox could finally be announced this spring. On May 21, the company will forget about the troubled Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems and lavish a bit of attention on the Xbox, according to bloggers who cite sources familiar with Microsoft's plans.


Microsoft Nabs Alleged Xbox 720 Hacker

Software and tech hardware companies have to protect their secrets and shield their upcoming products from the prying eyes of competition right up to the day they choose to announce. In a multi-billion dollar industry like gaming, market players take this kind of thing seriously. Very seriously. An Australian hacker was visited by a handful of law enforcement officials this week on allegations that he’s been stealing intel about the not-yet-released new Xbox, a Microsoft product.


Sony announces PlayStation 4 console

Playstation 4

Sony has announced its next-generation gaming console - the PlayStation 4 - at an event in New York. Its new hardware is designed to offer superior graphics as well as new social features including the sharing of recorded gameplay clips. It will succeed the PlayStation 3, which went on sale in 2006 and has sold about 75 million units. The PS4 will eventually compete against Microsoft's still-to-be-unveiled Xbox 360 successor and Nintendo's Wii U.


Xbox Music Leads Microsoft’s New Push to Challenge iTunes

After past disappointments, Microsoft has paired its latest digital music offering with the Xbox and Windows as part of a broad set of bets to regain ground it has lost to Apple and other competitors.


Teen hospitalized after 4-day Xbox marathon


An Ohio woman has confiscated the Xbox of her teenage son who was hospitalized for dehydration after playing a video game for four days.


Microsoft unveils Xbox Music

XBox Music

Microsoft has announced that it will be launching a new music service known as Xbox Music. Xbox Music will offer more than 30 million songs on Xbox 360s, Windows 8 PCs, tablets and phones.


Microsoft Updating Xbox Interface; Adding Voice Search

XBox 360: Netflix

Microsoft is launching a new interface for the Xbox 360 game console, borrowing the tile-based “Metro” look that started on the Zune music players, moved to the Windows Phone software and will spread to PCs next year with the arrival of Windows 8. The new version of the software will be downloaded to all users starting December 6.


Alleged Wal-Mart pepper-spray attacker turns herself in to police

Alleged Wal-Mart pepper-spray attacker turns herself in to police

A woman who says she doused other deal-hunting shoppers with pepper spray at a Porter Ranch Wal-Mart turned herself in to police Friday night and was later released. About 20 people suffered minor injuries after a woman fired pepper spray into a crowd Thursday night before leaving the store with her purchase of an Xbox game console, authorities said. The injured, including children, complained of minor skin and eye irritation and sore throats.


'Gears of War 3' sales hit the ground running

'Gears of War 3' sales hit the ground running

Gears of War 3, which arrives in stores Tuesday, is Microsoft's biggest Xbox exclusive game ever out of the gate — surpassing even pre-orders for the flagship Halo games. Sales of this final chapter in the Gears series topped 1.3 million at last tally and are expected to surpass the first two installments, which sold about 13 million copies combined.


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