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Newly discovered dinosaur species named for Obama

Babies and pets have been named in honor of President Obama -- and now a dinosaur. Researchers at Yale University have dubbed a newly discovered species of dinosaur -- or, if you prefer, a big lizard -- Obamadon gracilis, citing the president's broad smile, Reuters reports.


Yale president stepping down after 20 years

Yale University President Richard C. Levin, who oversaw a big building and renovation program and an expansion in financial aid programs, announced Thursday he is stepping down at the end of the academic year after 20 years at the Ivy League school....


Harvard Retains Top Spot on U.S. News 2012 Best College Rankings

Harvard Retains Top Spot on U.S. News 2012 Best College Rankings

Harvard University received the No. 1 spot on US News & World Report's 2012 rankings of top US academic research institutions, followed by Princeton University and Yale University.


Scientists Discover a Possible Key to Reversing Baldness

Researchers at Yale have discovered the chemical triggers for hair growth, which could eventually lead the way to reversing baldness.


Yale student dies in chemistry lab accident

A Yale University student has died in an apparent accident in a chemistry lab machine shop, an official said.


Tyrannosaurus Rex Was a Cannibal

As if it weren't fearsome enough already, Tyrannosaurus rex had yet another disagreeable trait, a new study claims. A Yale University paleontologist who examined a few dozen T. rex bones in a number of museum fossil ...


Gen. McChrystal to teach leadership at Yale

Yale University says it has hired retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal to teach a graduate level seminar on leadership on its New Haven, Conn., c ...


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