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Zynga files for IPO of up to $1 billion

Zynga files for IPO of up to $1 billion

Zynga Inc filed paperwork for an initial public offering on Friday, the latest in a series of hot social media companies to seek capital in the U.S. public markets.

Senh: It seems like now's the time to do it while the market's still hot. Facebook is finally bleeding users, so social media is finally slowing down. These companies are still way over-priced when you compare each of their revenue with their valuation. I just hope the social media hype doesn't lead to another bubble. So far, it looks it will.


Zynga Close to Raising $500 Million

Zynga Close to Raising $500 Million

Zynga is close to raising as much as $500 million from a group of investors in a round of financing that could value the maker of CityVille, FarmVille and other popular Facebook games as high as $10 billion.


Social Games Company DeNA Made $336M Last Quarter, Says It's Doing Better Than Facebook

Japanese social games company DeNA is out to take down American rivals Facebook and Zynga.


How MySpace Plans to Become the Best Place to Play Games

MySpace has launched a new initiative to invite social game developers like Playdom, Zynga


Facebook And Zynga Enter Into Five Year Partnership, Expand Use Of Facebook Credits

Facebook and Zynga have just announced a five year partnership and the expansion of use of Facebook Credits in Zynga games.

After months of discord, Zynga and Facebook have made peace--- at least for now.


Zynga's FarmVille Expands Beyond Facebook to MSN-ier Pastures

Zynga's FarmVille Expands Beyond Facebook to MSN-ier Pastures

Ready your virtual cattle and the Microsoft branding iron. Zynga announced today that its hit social game FarmVille on Facebook has now launched on Microsoft's MSN Games portal.


FarmVille’s Parent Company Valued at $1 Billion?

While some of us might be willing to pay to make Facebook games like FarmVille and Mafia Wars go away, it appears that Wall Street has other ideas.


Zynga Is On A Tear; Claims Nearly 130 Million Social Gamers.

Social gaming startup Zynga is seeing some impressive traction. It now boats 129 million monthly active users across its portfolio of more than 30 games, according to both Inside Facebook's AppData(see chart) and Developer Analytics.


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