Study: Future Droughts Will Be Shockers

Increasingly dry conditions across much of the globe — including the U.S. — are likely over the next 30 years, a new study predicts.

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  • Climate change and habitat conversion combine to homogenize nature
    "Across Central and South America, we are seeing large areas being converted from native forest to agriculture, and droughts are becoming more frequent ... forests that expected to stay wet in the future. Conservation dollars could also focus on wet ...
    08/20/2017 - 3:58 am | View Link
  • Study Finds Ecosystems Taking Longer to Recover from Drought
    Co-author Franco Biondi, a professor of natural resources and environmental sciences at the University of Nevada, Reno, says the research highlights the need to obtain more detailed data on how the vascular system of trees will cope with future droughts.
    08/19/2017 - 11:13 pm | View Link
  • Drought Has Long-Term Climate Consequences, Study Shows
    And, they write in Nature, more frequent droughts predicted for the future may not allow ecosystems enough time to recover before the next prolonged dry spell. Such droughts have impacts that go far beyond any one forest region: researchers have ...
    08/16/2017 - 10:19 am | View Link
  • No more full recovery from droughts in 21st century, says study
    Scientists predict that more-severe droughts will occur with greater frequency in the 21st century, so understanding how ecosystems return to normal again will be crucial to preparing for the future. However, the factors that influence drought recovery ...
    08/15/2017 - 8:29 pm | View Link
  • Study: For parts of the world, perpetual drought is a possibility
    We may be headed for an era, he said, in which droughts are so frequent and severe that some areas ... used in the study assume "business as usual" – that is, they predict a future with no new restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions.
    08/15/2017 - 4:04 pm | View Link
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  • Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Effects
    The potential future effects of global climate change include more frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought in some regions and an increase in the ...
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  • Drought
    A drought is a period of below-average precipitation in a given region, resulting in prolonged shortages in the water supply, whether atmospheric, surface water or ...
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  • Types of Drought
    Research in the early 1980s uncovered more than 150 published definitions of drought. The definitions reflect differences in regions, needs, and disciplinary approaches.
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    Climate change is happening now. The United States and the world are warming, global sea level is rising, and some types of extreme weather events are becoming more ...
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