Tax Planning For Beginners: 6 Concepts To Know

Tax rules can be complicated, but taking some time to know and use them for your benefit can change how much you end up paying (or getting back) in April. Here are some key tax planning concepts to understand before you make your next money move. Understanding your tax bracket You can’t really plan for... Tina Orem is a writer at NerdWallet.

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  • How to avoid an inheritance tax on property
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  • End of year tax tips for landlords
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  • How to Start Tax Planning
    How to Start Tax Planning Step 1: Start a filing system. Start a filing system to organize your documents. Any successful tax planning strategy... Step 2: Understand tax deduction requirements. Before you get too far along in the tax year, you should evaluate all... Step 3: Evaluate the tax credits ...
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  • The Ultimate 2020 Tax Planning Guide | The Motley Fool
    They include the following: New tax brackets for ordinary income as well as qualified dividends and long-term capital gains Higher standard deductions Changes to key provisions for popular tax credits Qualifications for common tax deductions Contribution limits and income thresholds for retirement ...
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  • Tax Planning Tips for Beginners
    Planning your taxes: First things first, your taxes must be planned for each financial year. This is the 12 month period that begins on 1st April and ends on the 31st March of the next year. No matter when you start your job, your tax year closes on 31st March and a new tax year starts on 1st April.
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  • Tax Planning for Beginners
    Tax Planning for Beginners Planning your deduction method. When completing your tax return, you have a choice between standard or itemized tax... Retirement savings strategies. Many taxpayers turn to retirement plans for both the tax reductions now and income later. Other tax-sheltered savings. ...
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