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Egypt voters appear to approve new constitution

President Mohamed Morsi apparently secured a victory at the polls Saturday for a new Egyptian constitution, locking the country into a bitter contest between his ascendant Islamist camp and his secular opponents.


Morsi reportedly backs down, cancels part of sweeping decree

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has reportedly annulled part of a controversial decree that put his decisions beyond judicial review and sparked large protests.


'Turning point': Egypt's top court suspends work

Egyptian Protest

Protests by Islamists allied to President Mohamed Morsi forced Egypt's highest court to adjourn its work indefinitely on Sunday, intensifying a conflict between some of the country's top judges and the head of state.


Morsi Urged to Retract Edict to Bypass Judges in Egypt

Egyptian Demonstrator

Judges on Saturday called for President Mohamed Morsi to alter his decree so that he would not be able to assert authority without judicial review.


Egypt's President Morsi takes sweeping new powers

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi declared extensive political powers for himself on Thursday, taking broad and sweeping control of his country a day after he won international praise for fostering a ceasefire in Gaza.


Egypt president purges military leaders

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Sunday purged the nation's military leadership in a provocative move to expand his power and push aside generals who epitomized the inner circle of deposed leader Hosni Mubarak.


Egyptian parliament reconvenes, defying court and military warnings

Egyptian Parliament

Egypt’s dissolved parliament defied a court order and reconvened Tuesday, escalating the power struggle between the newly elected Islamist president and the military over the political future of a nation still tangled in the legacy of toppled leader Hosni Mubarak.


Morsi Is Sworn In as President of Egypt

Egyptian President Being Sworn In

Mohamed Morsi was formally sworn in on Saturday as Egypt’s first democratically elected president, marking a new stage in an ever murkier struggle to define the future of the nation.


Lawyer says Egypt's Mubarak may have cancer

Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak may have cancer, his defense lawyer said Monday, citing "evidence suggesting" the 83-year-old is sick with stomach cancer.


Mubarak resigns; military takes over in Egypt

Mubarak resigns; military takes over in Egypt

Hundreds of thousands of protesters screamed and cheered Friday as it was announced that President Hosni Mubarak was stepping down.


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