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'Extreme' solar flare erupts, looks like storm is headed to Earth

Solar Storm

A heavy-duty solar flare erupted on the surface of the sun midmorning Thursday, and it appeared from early data that a solar storm from the X-class eruption was headed toward Earth.


It's not lunacy: Not-a-planet Pluto boasts 5 moons

Pluto Moons

Pluto may have been kicked out of the planet club, but it has gained yet another companion. Scientists announced Wednesday the discovery of the smallest moon yet around the icy orb, bringing the tally of known moons to five. "We're not finished searching yet," said Hal Weaver of Johns Hopkins University, who thinks there may be more lurking.


Mars Rover: Zoomable image

This panoramic shot of the surface of Mars shows an impact crater blasted billions of years ago - and the fresh tracks created by Nasa's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. Use the zoom tool to see the view in more detail. The scene, which is made up of 817 images taken between December 2011 and May 2012, also includes the rover's own solar arrays and deck in the foreground. Its publication coincided with Opportunity completing its 3,000th day on Mars.


New View of Exoplanets Will Aid Search for E.T.

Astronomers have developed a new method to probe the atmospheres of extrasolar planets, which should greatly expand the search for planets that have the right temperature and composition for life. The technique allowed researchers to precisely calculate the mass of a planet named Tau Bootis b for the first time since its discovery 15 years ago.


Chinese crew passes first space docking test

China performed its first-ever space docking involving a piloted spacecraft on Monday, joining the ranks of history's two top spacefaring nations, the United States and Russia.


China sends first woman into space

First Woman in Space

In its most ambitious space mission yet, China launched its first female astronaut and two male colleagues to dock with an orbiting module.


NASA Telescope to Hunt for Black Holes

Black Holes

NASA is poised to launch its latest X-ray space telescope on a two-year hunt for hard-to-see objects lurking in the heart of the Milky Way and other galaxies.


China To Launch Manned Docking Mission Later This Month

China will be launching its first manned docking mission later this month.


China set to launch manned spacecraft

Chinese Spacecraft

China plans to launch a manned spacecraft this month to dock with a space lab that has been orbiting the earth since September, state media reported Saturday.


Andromeda Galaxy to smack into Milky Way

Colliding Galaxies

Hubble space telescope observations suggest that another large galaxy will collide with our own Milky Way in about 4 billion years.


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