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Yahoo revamps email in bid to catch up with Gmail

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo is spiffing up and expanding its email service in an attempt to regain some of the ground lost to a Google alternative that lured away millions of users. The changes unveiled Tuesday are meant to make Yahoo's email faster and easier to use on the Web. To cater to the growing audience checking their email on smartphones and tablet computers, Yahoo also introduced mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and devices powered by Microsoft Corp.'s recently released Windows 8 system.


Senate panel backs e-mail privacy bill

A Senate committee approved a measure Thursday that would require law enforcement agencies to obtain a court-approved search warrant before reviewing any e-mail or other electronic content. The measure would close what privacy advocates describe as a loophole in the law in which Internet service providers such as Yahoo and Google may turn over e-mail older than six months if authorities obtain a subpoena, which does not require a judge’s approval.


Yahoo says password vulnerability fixed

Yahoo says it has fixed the vulnerability that allowed 450,000 user email addresses and passwords to be stolen from its user-generated content service, Yahoo! Voices. In a blog posting, Yahoo said that the "compromised information was provided by writers who had joined Associated Content prior to May 2010, when it was acquired by Yahoo!. (Associated Content is now the Yahoo! Contributor Network.) This compromised file was a standalone file that was not used to grant access to Yahoo! systems and services."


Yahoo confirms 400,000 accounts hacked, some passwords stolen

The company said that although the breached accounts include user names from Yahoo and other companies, only 5% of the accounts had valid passwords. Yahoo said it is working to fix the vulnerability and is changing the passwords of the affected users. The company also said it is notifying other companies whose users may have been affected -- earlier we reported that they may include people who use AOL, Gmail, Hotmail and many others.


Hackers post 450K credentials pilfered from Yahoo


Yahoo has been the victim of a security breach that yielded hundreds of thousands of login credentials stored in plain text. The hacked data, posted to the hacker site D33D Company, contained more than 453,000 login credentials and appears to have originated from the Web pioneer's network. The hackers, who said they used a union-based SQL injection technique to penetrate the Yahoo subdomain, intended the data dump to be a "wake-up call."


Yahoo investigating reported mass password breach

Yahoo Inc. said Thursday it is investigating reports of a security breach that may have exposed nearly half a million users' email addresses and passwords... The little-known group was quoted as saying that they had stolen the passwords using an SQL injection -- the name given to a commonly-used attack in which hackers use rogue commands to extract data from vulnerable websites.


Yahoo Revamps Mail Service

Yahoo Revamps Mail Service

Yahoo is redesigning its email service to help stem a user decline and counter offerings from longtime rivals Microsoft and Google as well as social-networking services such as Facebook and Twitter.

Senh: The major thing they have to improve is email search. That's one of the main reasons why I use GMail. It's so easy to search for email. The email search in Yahoo Mail is really slow and not particularly accurate.


Google tweaks Gmail to challenge Facebook, Twitter

Google tweaks Gmail to challenge Facebook, Twitter

Google Inc injected social networking features into its popular Web email product as the world's No. 1 search engine seeks to fend off competition from Facebook and Twitter.


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