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Death toll jumps in Gaza conflict

Israel maintains air strikes on Gaza and militants continue to fire rockets into Israel as the fifth day of unrest becomes the deadliest so far.


Obama warns against 'ramping up' in Gaza crisis

Gaza Strip

President Barack Obama said Sunday an incursion by Israel's forces into the Gaza Strip could only deepen its death toll, cautioning against an escalation even as he defended the Jewish state's right to defend itself. Obama also warned Palestinians the crisis could crush peace hopes for years.


As Hamas rockets fly, Israel moves toward ground invasion of Gaza Strip

Gaza Strip

Israel continued its aerial assault on targets in the Hamas-ruled Gaza strip early Saturday, launching 200 airstrikes aimed at smuggling tunnels under the enclave's border with Egypt and what the Israeli military said were four Hamas buildings, including the group's headquarters, a police station and a commander's house. Witnesses reported that the offices of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh were destroyed.


Rockets land near Jerusalem in escalation of Gaza fighting


Palestinian militants for the first time targeted the holy city of Jerusalem on Friday with rocket fire as Israel and the Islamist group Hamas inched closer to all-out war.


Palestinians angry as Abbas drops war crimes case

Palestinians angry as Abbas drops war crimes case

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas faced growing outrage at home Sunday over his decision to withdraw support for a U.N. report that alleged Israel and Hamas committed war crimes in last winter's Gaza war.


UN to criticise Israel over Gaza

A UN human rights investigator, Richard Falk, is to question the legality of Israel's Gaza incursion in a new report.


Hamas Says Cease-Fire Nears; Israel Demurs

Hamas officials said Friday that an announcement of an 18-month cease-fire with Israel was days away. An Israeli official said nothing had been agreed yet.


Israel launches fresh Gaza air strikes

Israel launched air strikes against a number of targets in Gaza Monday to retaliate against Palestinian militants who have fired a "barrage" of rockets inside the Jewish state in recent days, the military said.


Israel, Hamas Prepare For Next Gaza War

Israel, Hamas Prepare For Next Gaza War

As Israel prepared to launch its assault into Gaza in late December, it braced for substantial casualties among its own troops. Commanders warned their men of Hamas' suicide commandos, missiles that could smash tanks and knock helicopters out of the sky, and long-range rockets that could reach deeper into Israel.


Israel Vows Retaliation for Rockets

Gaza militants launched two rockets into southern Israel Sunday, drawing a threat of “harsh and disproportionate” retaliation from Israel’s prime minister.


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