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Twitter #Music comes to iOS and Web, will help you discover new tunes


Twitter #Music, a service which'll help you discover tunes based on Twitter activity, doesn't exactly come as a surprise. The social network's been teasing this one for a while and the rumor mill's been steadily churning out its secrets.


Twitter set to release music service

Twitter appears to be getting ready to push into the music space with a service that shows users which artists are trending and features emerging artists. Twitter hasn’t officially announced the new service but it is being tested, according to a tweet from “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest — a message that was subsequently retweeted by Twitter’s vice president of business and corporate development, Kevin Thau.


Pepsi partners with Twitter for online concerts

Pepsi is tweeting to a new generation of music lovers. The No. 2 soda company is partnering with Twitter to provide streaming videos of live music concerts to Pepsi's followers on the social networking site.


Justin Bieber abuses Twitter with phone gag, may get sued

Justin Bieber

The pop singer tweeted 9 out of 10 digits of an alleged phone number, and then asked his 19 million followers to "Call me right now." They responded by trying to fill in the 10th digit, causing switchboard chaos.


Gwyneth Paltrow Joins Twitter, Facebook

She's dipped her hands into country music, made appearances on Glee, and even carved a role for hers.


Lady Gaga Releasing New Song Today

Lady Gaga announced on her Twitter feed Sunday night that her song "The Edge of Glory" will be released in the iTunes shop at 4 pm ET/1 pm PT later today Gaga's representatives are quick to note that the song which will appear on her new album Born This Way...


Courtney Love's $430,000 Tweets

The Courtney Love Twitter-libel saga has finally come to an end — an ending with six figures. According to the AP, Love will pay $430,000 to settle a libel lawsuit brought against her by designer Dawn Simorangkir, a.k.a. “the Boudoir Queen.”


John Mayer Deletes Twitter Account

Fans who want to keep up with John Mayer will no longer be able to do so via Twitter. The singer-songwriter deleted his account, leaving behind 3.7 million followers.


Justin Bieber takes up 3 percent of Twitter servers

Justin Bieber takes up 3 percent of Twitter servers

There's a hot new Internet rumor about that Justin Bieber kid — and unlike the syphillis and unlikely dating matches, this one is probably accurate.


John Mayer Offers First Listen to “Battle Studies” Single “Who Says”

John Mayer premiered the first single off his new album Battle Studies, “Who Says,” on his official Website, alerting fans to his new song with a tweet that reads, “From my heart to yours.” The sweet little acoustic folk ballad starts off innocently, reminding fans of Continuum favorites like “Stop This Train” and “Heart ...


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