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Social Media Rules for N.Y.C. School Staff Limits Contact With Students

The creation of the guidelines reflects concerns about the misuse of sites like Facebook and Twitter and follows accusations of misconduct by teachers with students.


Trayvon Martin case still playing out on Twitter, Facebook

Trayvon Martin's death illustrates the growing numbers of black and Hispanic Americans harnassing the power of social networking sites.


View from abroad: US facing woes, but still No. 1

Anyone worried about an erosion of America's global status might consider this modest fact: Facebook is the dominant social network in Mongolia. Along with its pervasive social media, the United States leads in myriad other ways - from the allure of its movies and music to the reach of its military. It's tough to match a nation that deploys troops to Australia and central Africa, propels Beyonce to global stardom, and produced the Twitter-style technologies that abetted the Arab Spring.


Gingrich pins hopes on hashtags

Newt Gingrich may occasionally refer to a Twitter hash tag as a hash mark but he is relying on the Internet to reach out to voters, one tweet and Facebook friend at a time.


Super Bowl advertisers seek buzz on social media

Super Bowl XLVI

In the age of Twitter and Facebook, many Super Bowl viewers will use the commercial breaks to go online and see what people are saying about the game. This year, advertisers want them to tweet about their favorite commercials as well.


Twitter launches branded pages

Micro-blogging site Twitter is joining the ranks of Facebook and Google+ as it launches 'brand' pages as part of a service-wide redesign.


Just Noticed I Can Login to Multiple Google Accounts Now

I just noticed today that there's an option to sign in to multiple Google accounts. I have a personal Google account and a couple business accounts. Now, I don't have to sign off from one to use the other. There's an option to switch accounts next to your username at the top right corner. I mostly only use GMail and Google Docs. I wonder if they just launched that today, or I've just never noticed it. Anyway, it's awesome.


AP Exclusive: CIA following Twitter, Facebook

In an anonymous industrial park, CIA analysts who jokingly call themselves the "ninja librarians" are mining the mass of information people publish about themselves overseas, tracking everything from common public opinion to revolutions.

Senh: There's just so much private information in these networks, it only makes sense to gather and filter them.


Marketing MoviesWithButter.com

Marketing MoviesWithButter.com

Long time no blog. Even I wasn’t expecting this long of a hiatus, but maintaining two sites does take a lot of time. I’ve made some minor tweaks to Wopular, but most of my work lately has been focused on MoviesWithButter.com. Here’s what Binh and I have done to promote the site since launching it a couple months ago.


Facebook to Let Users Update Twitter Accounts From Its Site

People with accounts on both Facebook and Twitter have been able to update them both simultaneously for a long time -- but from Twitter to Facebook, and not the other way around. That’s about to change.


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