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YouTube Links Last Twice as Long as Those on Twitter or Facebook [REPORT]

When it comes to spreading popular content around the web, where you post matters. A study that link-shortening service Bit.ly released on its blog Tuesday shows that different kinds of links rise and fizzle at different speeds — depending on the platform they are posted on.


Hurricane Irene Internet and cell phone resources

Whether you've using the Internet or a cell phone (smart or dumb), here's how you can track Hurricane Irene, access the American Red Cross through Facebook and Twitter, schedule news alerts, connect with others and find loved ones.


Riot-torn UK considers social media ban

British Prime Minister David Cameron thinks he's found some culprits to blame in the recent riots that have rocked London and other cities -- Facebook and Twitter.


U.S. has new No. 2 social network

Despite new ownership and an injection of Justin Timberlake celebrity cachet, the bad news just keeps coming for Myspace.


Obama 2012 campaign to go beyond email, text

Call him the Digital Candidate: President Barack Obama is asking supporters to use Facebook to declare "I'm In!" for his re-election campaign and is using Twitter to personally blast out messages to his nearly 9 million followers. Emails to supporters seek small-dollar donations in exchange for campaign coffee mugs or a chance to win dinner with the president. The campaign's website helps supporters find local events, plan meetings and raise money while its digital team develops the next big thing.


Anger over Ebert 'Jackass' tweet

It's been a scrappy day on social media for Roger Ebert.


Gwyneth Paltrow Joins Twitter, Facebook

She's dipped her hands into country music, made appearances on Glee, and even carved a role for hers.


Is Facebook's 'Like' Button Spying on You?

Is Facebook's 'Like' Button Spying on You?

The Facebook "Like" and Twitter "Tweet" buttons that appear on so many websites do a lot more than just help you share content with friends.


Gingrich to Throw Hat in 2012 Presidential Ring

Gingrich to Throw Hat in 2012 Presidential Ring

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich set to announce his candidacy via Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday.


Twitter, Facebook and YouTube now crucial to presidential campaigns

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube now crucial to presidential campaigns

Obama set the 'gold standard' for use of social media, and now it's an absolute must for candidates.Four years ago, Barack Obama kicked off his presidential campaign on the steps of Illinois' Old State Capitol, speaking in front of thousands of supporters and a throng of media.


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