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Amazon Kindle To Get Facebook, Twitter

Amazon.com Inc.'s Kindle e-reader is getting access to Facebook and Twitter, along with several other enhancements, as part of a software update being sent wirelessly to the devices.

In a posting on Amazon's site, the company says the new software will let users share book passages on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. The update will also let people sort books and documents into collections and lock their Kindle with a password. There also will be larger font options and the ability to zoom in on PDF documents.


Nokia announces Facetwittery-enabled phones

Nokia announces Facetwittery-enabled phones

Nokia has announced it will bring social networking to the masses on its freshly minted C3, C6 and E5 phones. This comes just a day after Microsoft did the same for mobile Windows users, and Sony Ericsson is promising to catch up. The Nokia phones will communcate with Facebook and Twitter, as well as Ovi Mail and Chat. Meanwhile, Sony Ericsson's Spiro and Zylo add Walkman branding to the inevitable Facetwit connections, as money ceases to be a barrier to social networking.


Microsoft debuts 'social' phone

Microsoft unveils a phone called "Kin" which the firm says has been made for those who live their lives online.


Twitter Hits 50 Million Tweets Per Day; Remains Dwarfed by Facebook and YouTube

Twitter just announced that it now sees 50 million non-spam messages every day. That's interesting but it means more when you look at it in context.


PleaseRobMe.com: Problem With Twitter, Facebook

PleaseRobMe.com: Problem With Twitter, Facebook

House thieves have been given a leg-up by a new Web site that allows people to see whether or not you are at home -- thanks to information you're probably already posting online.


Loving Google Buzz So Far

Some features just make sense. Google Buzz is one of them. It's nothing new really. It's just Twitter integrated within GMail, and with commenting, it looks a lot like Facebook.


Google tweaks Gmail to challenge Facebook, Twitter

Google tweaks Gmail to challenge Facebook, Twitter

Google Inc injected social networking features into its popular Web email product as the world's No. 1 search engine seeks to fend off competition from Facebook and Twitter.


Google Creating Twitter Clone for Gmail

As soon as this week, Google might be rolling out a "Twitter-killer" feature for Gmail users, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.


Now I Know Why People Don't Put MySpace in the Corner

Now I Know Why People Don't Put MySpace in the Corner

On most websites nowadays, you'll see somewhere on the page, usually at the top right corner, links to the site's RSS feed, Twitter account, and Facebook fanpage. I've always wondered why MySpace, being the second largest social networking site by far, isn't on that list.


ICQ Returns: Combines IM With Haphazard Twitter and Facebook Integration

In its heyday, ICQ was one of the most popular instant messaging networks. Today, you will probably have a hard time finding your friends on ICQ. Nevertheless, almost two year after the release of ICQ 6, ICQ just released a new version of its IM client. ICQ 7 now integrates updates from Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Flickr and YouTube.


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