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Twitter’s latest famous user: Pope Benedict XVI

The Pope

It may look like Pope Benedict XVI’s first tweet on the auspicious date of 12-12-12 will be a divine act. But orchestrating the pontiff’s debut on Twitter has been a far more earthbound effort, involving an elaborate behind-the-scenes production.


Twitter profile pages will change Dec. 12

Twitter pages are getting a bit fancier (some might say more Facebook-like) whether you like it or not, starting Wednesday. For years, a user's Twitter page has featured the option of a profile photo and a page background of your choosing. Now, there's a third element being added to your page's look, a "header" photo that surrounds your profile photo. The short messaging blog has been doing a soft rollout the past few months of the three-element look, but on Dec. 12, it goes site-wide to all users.


Why Instagram pulled pics from Twitter

Images from Instagram, the photo-sharing app that lets user spruce up their work with a slate of arty and retro filters, no longer show up on Twitter, a popular place to share them.


Pope Starts Personal Twitter Account

The Vatican announced that Pope Benedict XVI would begin posting messages on Twitter next week under the handle @pontifex, a term for pope that means bridge-builder in Latin.


Cher, Trump in Twitter Tirade

If Cher could turn back time, maybe she wouldn’t have started a Twitter war with “Apprentice” star Donald Trump. The “Believe” singer began posting anti-Trump tweets from her verified Twitter account on Monday when she discovered Trump’s brand was sold at Macy’s.


Social media turn election night into a conversation

Election night unfolded as much on the Web as it did on TV. Many say the real-time conversations on social media were the real show... Right after the television networks projected that he had won reelection, the first thing President Obama did was thank supporters — not with a statement to the media or in an email, but in a tweet.


Betaworks’ Shuts Down Its Apps, Team Heads Over To Digg, the social news service incubated at betaworks, announced today that it’s officially shutting down its iOS apps and removing them from the App Store. The company is also claiming that it’s yet another victim of Twitter’s latest API guidelines, and states that Twitter may have even viewed its service as a competitor. We might not go that far, but it makes for a good story.


Romney's 'binders full of women' remark goes viral

Binders Full of Women

On the Internet, the real winner of Tuesday night’s presidential debate may just be the phrase “binders full of women.” Mitt Romney’s sound bite quickly spawned its own Twitter account, Facebook page with more than 161,000 likes and countless online memes.


Presidential debate sets record on Twitter

President Obama and Mitt Romney were a huge sensation on Twitter Wednesday night, generating a record 10.3 million tweets over the course of their 90-minute debate. It was the most tweeted event in political history, Twitter says, and exceeded the activity on the social media site during the political conventions. The high point, however, didn't belong to either candidate vying for the White House.


Obama's speech stirs record response on Twitter

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night ranked as the biggest political moment ever on the social media site Twitter.


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