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Milwaukee Bucks tell Charlie Villanueva not to Twitter during games anymore

Bucks forward Charlie Villanueva got a talking-to from coach Scott Skiles after the coach learned Villanueva posted a message to his Twitter feed -- a "tweet" -- from his mobile phone during halftime of Sunday's home victory over the Celtics.


OMG! Shut up about Twitter already

Suddenly Twitter is the Snuggie of social networking.


Facebook’s Response To Twitter

Facebook made a number of announcements today about changes to its home page, profile pages, and activity streams. Taken together, these represent a concerted response to the rise of Twitter as a real-time message broadcasting system that goes beyond members' personal circle of friends.

One of the biggest changes is that it is getting rid of the distinction between private profiles and public pages. The 5,000-friend limit will be dropped from the public pages.


Twitter Raises Third Round of Funding From Benchmark and IVP

Biz Stone just announced on the official Twitter blog that Twitter closed a round of funding last night with Benchmark and Institutional Venture Partners. Stone says the company was not actively looking for additional funding but was impressed by both of the VCs (and presumably impressived by very favorable terms, as well).


Most Popular Twitter Clients Revealed

The micro-messaging service Twitter became popular in part due to the thousands of different ways to post and view Tweets…but what are the most popular ways to share your Tweets with the world?


Disruptor Of The Month: Twitter

Disruptor Of The Month: Twitter

Watch out Google and Facebook. Twitter has no revenue and no business model, but it could soon be highly disruptive.


Bits: Having Banking Trouble? Try Twitter

Bank of America has created an account on Twitter, the popular microblogging site, to interact with customers.


Social-networking services ramping up

Social-networking services ramping up

When President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office, it will arguably be the biggest live social-networking event ever ...


Twitter May Have Found Its Business Model

Twitter...what is it good for? It turns out this little service is good for a whole lot of things, despite the loud objections of people who've never really ...


Twitter hires its first biz-dev guru

Kevin Thau, a Twitter user for nearly a year, joins the microblogging company as director of mobile business development. Now how about a revenue plan?


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