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Gingrich pins hopes on hashtags

Newt Gingrich may occasionally refer to a Twitter hash tag as a hash mark but he is relying on the Internet to reach out to voters, one tweet and Facebook friend at a time.


Kenyan chief foils robbery via Twitter

Kenyan Chief

A Kenyan chief in a town far from the bustling capital foiled a predawn robbery recently using Twitter, highlighting the far-reaching effects of social media in areas that don't have access to the Internet.


CEO: Twitter Won't Be Ready For IPO For "A Couple Of Years"


Don't expect a initial public offering of shares of Twitter anytime soon. CNN is reporting that the company has placed restrictions on employees who hold shares, forcing them to keep 80 percent of the shares they own. The cable news outlet cited company emails about the policy, which has been in effect for a year, and said at least one high-level employee resigned because of the policy....

Senh: Their revenue is not where it should be. Social networks are hot right now. It might cool off in another two years. There's no guarantee they can improve their revenue by then.


Twitter Faces Backlash Over Censorship Plan

Twitter on Thursday announced that it is now able to block tweets that run afoul of certain countries' restrictions on speech, but that has prompted backlash from users who fear the micro-blogging service will honor takedown requests from repressive regimes.


The New Way Twitter Will Dominate Online Journalism


Over the past few months, I have become increasingly interested in #Twitter with the help of my friend, Julie Hunt (@juliebhunt) of . Like (@Univ_of_Oregon) #Prof. Kyu Ho Youm (@Marshall Youm), I use Twitter to share, learn, and keep virtual note cards. As you've immediately noticed, I (@BenKerschberg) am writing this short piece in a ...

Senh: It's a good read on how to use Twitter to track news that you care about or market your brand. Lots of hashtags.


New Twitter user: Michelle Obama

One of the newest Twitter-ers: First lady Michelle Obama.


Trending: Tweets show global happiness down

Our overall happiness is apparently in decline. How do we know? It's on Twitter. A team of mathematicians from the University of Vermont analyzed 4.6 billion Twitter messages worldwide over 33 months. They assigned happiness grades to more than 10,000 of the most common words, crunched all the numbers and plotted them on a graph that shows a gradual downward slope during the past year and a half or so, through mid-September.

Senh: Another moment in duh-land.


Saudi Prince Invests $300M in Twitter

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and his investment company said Monday they are investing a combined $300 million into Twitter, giving the microblogging site a cash boost as it looks to entice more users and paying advertisers.

Senh: Twitter can't go public until they can demonstrate some kind of revenue stream. Looks like they're getting private money to make that happen. Without a decent revenue stream, they can't go public. They can, but it would probably tank after the initial round of trading.


Twitter launches branded pages

Micro-blogging site Twitter is joining the ranks of Facebook and Google+ as it launches 'brand' pages as part of a service-wide redesign.


Twitter Must Provide Data on 3 Users, Judge Rules

A federal judge ruled that Twitter must give information to the Justice Department about three of its account holders who are under investigation for their links to WikiLeaks.


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