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Stars battle rumors on social media -- but is it bad PR?

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith - Washington Post

The celebrity gossip machine had burbled for a day or two about Ozzy Osbourne's marriage, and for weeks about Jada Pinkett Smith's. Yet both stars hit a breaking point at about the same time — and took to Facebook.


Cher, Trump in Twitter Tirade

If Cher could turn back time, maybe she wouldn’t have started a Twitter war with “Apprentice” star Donald Trump. The “Believe” singer began posting anti-Trump tweets from her verified Twitter account on Monday when she discovered Trump’s brand was sold at Macy’s.


Moore trades @mrskutcher for @justdemi on Twitter

Demi Moore is no longer (at)mrskutcher, in real life or on Twitter. The 49-year-old actress changed her Twitter name to (at)justdemi on Thursday.

Senh: Um... Yeah... Well, since so many in the media covered it, it's worth at least a feature.


Justin Bieber abuses Twitter with phone gag, may get sued

Justin Bieber

The pop singer tweeted 9 out of 10 digits of an alleged phone number, and then asked his 19 million followers to "Call me right now." They responded by trying to fill in the 10th digit, causing switchboard chaos.


Twitter changes business of celebrity endorsements

Twitter changes business of celebrity endorsements

Rapper Snoop Dogg gave props on Twitter to an ad for the Toyota Sienna minivan. Actress Tori Spelling linked to a website for rental cars. And reality TV star Khloe Kardashian soliloquized about the brand of jeans that accentuates the famous Kardashian derriere.

Senh: Now that Twitter's doing celebrity endorsements in-house, what's gonna happen to third-party apps that do the same, like Izea, and twtMob? They'll probably take a hit now that celebs can go directly to Twitter. Depending on how big Twitter's ad sales team is, the third-party clients will probably end up getting their leftovers.


Ricky Gervais sparks anger for 'two mongs don't make a right' comment on Twitter

Families of disabled people have been outraged by his repeated use of the word, which they say is a derogatory term for somebody with Down's Syndrome.


Celebrity-stalking Site JustSpotted Just Got Spurned by Twitter

JustSpotted plans to sift through people’s tweets to identify those that claim celebrity spottings, and then to place those celebrities’ whereabouts on a map in real time. It would be similar to the now-defunct GawkerStalker, but it would be faster. (It’s not a novel idea. Last year, start-up OMGICU proposed to do the same thing, supported by text messaging and tweets, except its service requires active user participation rather than data-mining the whole Twitter community like JustSpotted will do.)


John Mayer Deletes Twitter Account

Fans who want to keep up with John Mayer will no longer be able to do so via Twitter. The singer-songwriter deleted his account, leaving behind 3.7 million followers.


Justin Bieber takes up 3 percent of Twitter servers

Justin Bieber takes up 3 percent of Twitter servers

There's a hot new Internet rumor about that Justin Bieber kid — and unlike the syphillis and unlikely dating matches, this one is probably accurate.


Jim Carrey And Jenny McCarthy Breakup On Twitter

Jim Carrey And Jenny McCarthy Breakup On Twitter

We are sad to report that another longtime Hollywood couple has bitten the dust. After 5 years together, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy took to Twitter to separately announce their breakup on Tuesday night.


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