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Bund, Treasury, Gilt Yields Drop to Records as Euro Crisis Grows

German, US and UK yields fell to all-time lows after Spanish Economy Minister Luis de Guindos said the future of the euro is at stake, driving demand for the safest government securities.


Weakness in China, turmoil in Europe hobble world markets

World Markets

Concerns over a slowdown in the world's biggest economies hit world markets on Friday, with weak indicators out of China and Europe's financial turmoil unsettling investors ahead of a crucial U.S. jobs report.


Spanish debt costs spiral as crisis deepens

Spanish Debt

Spanish 10-year borrowing costs neared the 7 percent danger level and Bankia shares hit record lows on Monday after the government, struggling to sort out its finances, proposed putting sovereign debt into the struggling lender.


Greek Euro Exit By Numbers: What Economists Expect

As the prospect of Greece leaving the euro becomes more real by the day, economists are trying to figure out what would happen next, to the economy and to the markets.


Obama, other G-8 leaders push economic growth over austerity

President Obama and leaders of the world’s other leading economies Saturday embraced a policy of growth over austerity in Europe as they met on the cloistered grounds of Camp David to talk about fending off a spread of the Eurozone crisis.


Setback for Merkel as austerity agenda rejected in Germany's biggest state

Hannelore Kraft

The crushing defeat follows elections that rejected austerity policies in Greece, France and Italy, severely weakening Chancellor Merkel's hand at her first talks with FranCois Hollande, the new French President, in Berlin tomorrow (TUES).


Growth versus austerity

Growth vs. Austerity

The anti-austerity backlash - as seen at the polls in France and Greece - is already shaping a new debate in Europe... Europe's leaders will address a conundrum that divides economists: can you have austerity and growth at the same time?


Brussels, Berlin tell Europe to stick to austerity

Jose Manuel Barroso

Germany and the European Commission on Tuesday called on EU nations to stick to their promised budget cuts despite mounting voter discontent, but promised some new efforts to boost growth to alleviate economic hardship.


Left makes gains in Italy polls

Centre-left and protest parties score well in Italy's local elections amid widespread discontent with the government's austerity drive.


Euro up, stock markets mixed after votes in France and Greece

French and Greek Elections

Investors nervous about the changing political winds in Europe initially drove down the euro and sent stock markets falling across the region Monday morning, though markets were bouncing back later in the day following renewed signs of strength in the German economy.

Senh: "On one hand, a number of economists and politicians including Hollande have argued that a single-minded focus on cuts has done more harm than good, driving a number of the region’s economies into recession and sending unemployment soaring. They argue that fiscal restraint should now be paired with new policies also aimed at fueling growth." This is Barack Obama's been doing for the last three and a half years. I guess the French approves of how that's been going to vote in someone who wants to do the same.


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