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Wal-Mart previews 'Disc to Digital' movie service

Disc to Digital

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. previewed its "Disc to Digital" service for converting DVDs into an online library on Wednesday. Based on my experience, I'd give it a six out of 10....


Wal-Mart Shakes Up Its Online Business

Wal-Mart revamped its e-commerce management on Friday, placing the heads of stores in developed countries in charge of their online businesses and announcing the departure of two top U.S. Internet executives.


Amazon aims to have voters decide on sales-tax law

Amazon aims to have voters decide on sales-tax law

The online retailer wants voters to strike down the California law requiring the company to collect sales taxes. Wal-Mart, labor groups and other opponents could wage a costly, noisy battle against such a referendum. Escalating its fight to thwart a new levy on Internet purchases, says it will ask California voters to overturn a state law requiring all companies with operations or affiliates here to collect sales tax.


Wal-Mart, Amazon Book Battle Escalates

Amazon lowered its prices on hot upcoming book releases to $9, once again matching in an escalating price war.


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