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Wal-Mart will stop selling Kindles

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is phasing out the sale of's Kindle Fire tablet and Kindle e-readers, the second major retailer to stop offering the items in six months... Retailers are trying to fight a growing practice called "showrooming." That's when shoppers, armed with smartphones, browse products in physical stores and then shop online for a better price.


Amazon aims to have voters decide on sales-tax law

Amazon aims to have voters decide on sales-tax law

The online retailer wants voters to strike down the California law requiring the company to collect sales taxes. Wal-Mart, labor groups and other opponents could wage a costly, noisy battle against such a referendum. Escalating its fight to thwart a new levy on Internet purchases, says it will ask California voters to overturn a state law requiring all companies with operations or affiliates here to collect sales tax.


Wal-Mart Tests Home Delivery of Groceries

The retailer launched the new service in San Jose, Calif., as it seeks to adapt to competitive threats from and others.


A Price War Brews Between Amazon and Wal-Mart

For now, it’s a battle of discounts, but Wal-Mart’s long-term goal appears to be stopping Amazon from taking away its business.


Wal-Mart, Amazon Book Battle Escalates

Amazon lowered its prices on hot upcoming book releases to $9, once again matching in an escalating price war.


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