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Yahoo sees several flaws in $2.7 billion Mexico ruling: source

Yahoo Inc believes it has "numerous" grounds to appeal a Mexico City civil court's $2.7 billion preliminary judgment against the company, including both errors in procedure and in application of law, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters on Monday.


Following exclusive interview with CNN, John McAfee reportedly captured, according to his own blog

As Agence France-Presse reports, a short entry on the website WhoIsMcAfee, set up by John McAfee himself states that he may have been captured. To wit: “We have received an unconfirmed report that John McAfee has been captured at the border of Belize and Mexico.” Interestingly, McAfee has enough content written for his blog for a full year, and has put up a reward regarding the finding of the individual that did kill the man in question; McAfee has maintained his innocence.


Woman decapitated in Mexico, purportedly for posting on social networking site

Police found a woman’s decapitated body in a Mexican border city on Saturday, alongside a handwritten sign saying she was killed in retaliation for her postings on a social networking site. The gruesome killing may be the third so far this month in which people in Nuevo Laredo were killed by a drug cartel for what they said on the internet.


Drug gangs kidnap cyber pros to hack into banks

It’s not the subplot to a Jerry Bruckheimer movie: drug dealers in Mexico really are kidnapping computer whizzes and forcing them to hack into bank systems and program credit card fraud scams in order to acquire additional funds on top of what they haul in from selling drugs.


Scientists hunt swine flu's mysterious origins

Scientists hunt swine flu's mysterious origins

While investigators trudge through pig farms and remote villages in Mexico, searching for clues about the new swine flu, answers about the virus' origin may finally appear on a computer, based on genetic codes.


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