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Video: Girl gets head stuck between walls

Watch firefighters rescue a 6-year-old girl who accidentally jammed her head between two walls in China.


Birthday girl left at Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese

A mother of 10 who threw a birthday party for her 5-year-old daughter at a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant in suburban Houston, Texas, apparently forgot about the girl, went home without her and failed to realize her mistake until the next day, police said Friday.


Teacher limits kids' bathroom trips: 3 per week

Limit On Bathroom Breaks During Class

Parents at a Brooklyn elementary school are furious over a fifth-grade teacher’s bathroom policy that prohibits students from jetting to the john more than three times a week.


Shoplifting suspects flee store, leaving 2 kids behind

Shoplifting suspects flee store, leaving 2 kids behind

A Louisville couple confronted at a Wal-Mart for alleged shoplifting fled the store, leaving behind their two kids, a 3-year-old and an 18-month-old, police say.

Senh: Expect additional charges - i.e. child neglect and abandonment.


Child Looking for Food, Water Gets Stuck in Chimney

A boy searching for food and water got stuck in a chimney at a home in Utah, reports.


Toddler wanders into Georgia bank vault, gets trapped for hours

A toddler's trip to the bank took a scary turn on Friday when she wandered into the vault and got trapped for four hours. Cops and firefighters could not open the time-locked vault, but a locksmith wielding a large drill saved the day ...


New York Judge rules 6-year-old can be sued

A girl can be sued over accusations she ran over an elderly woman with her training bicycle when she was 4 years old, a New York Supreme Court justice has ruled.


Boy Blistered After Licking Used Condom, Grandma Says

A Georgia woman said a weekend outing turned into a horrifying experience when her young grandson developed blisters after he found a used condom in their hotel room and put it in his mouth, reported.

Senh: Um... It's gross, but ah ... kids then to think that condoms are balloons.


Students get X-rated version of class DVD

Students get X-rated version of class DVD

A Northern California elementary school teacher sent her students home for the summer with a video of class memories, only the DVD included six seconds of her having sex on a couch.


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