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German Spiegel Magazine Declares George H.W. Bush Dead

George H.W. Bush

The German magazine Der Spiegel’s online edition today posted an obituary for George H.W. Bush. It was titled “The Better Bush.” Here is a screenshot of the obituary headline and text: In fact, George H.W. Bush is still alive. The premature death notice was scrubbed without an explanation as to why the magazine’s New York correspondent Marc Pitzke got the story completely wrong. Here is the website announcing that Pitzke’s article can no long be found.


German hospitals swamped with E.coli victims

German hospitals swamped with E.coli victims

German hospitals are struggling to cope with the flood of E.coli victims, health minister Daniel Bahr said on Sunday, as scientists remain puzzled by the deadly bug that has killed 19 and infected 1,700 people across Europe.


Cucumber fear spreads in Europe

The Czech Republic and Austria take Spanish-grown cucumbers off the shelves after an E. coli contamination in Germany leaves 10 dead.


Love Parade permanently canceled after 19 killed in panic

The death toll rose to 19 on Sunday and police said that 342 had been injured in a panicked crush of partygoers in an overcrowded tunnel that served as the sole entrance to a German festival billed as the world's largest techno music party.

Senh: Whenever there's a super huge crowd, it's scary, especially during parties in a confined area. Whenever something happens, there's really no escape.


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