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Groundbreaking improv comic Jonathan Winters dies

Jonathan Winters, the cherub-faced comedian whose breakneck improvisations and misfit characters inspired the likes of Robin Williams and Jim Carrey, has died. He was 87.


Carrey launches new website with video love letter

Jim Carrey is launching his new website with a bang. The 49-year-old actor posted a video love letter to "The Help" star Emma Stone on www.jimcarreytrulife.com Wednesday that many online deemed "creepy." The one-minute, 53-second video shows Carrey speaking into a handheld camera and sincerely professing his love for the 22-year-old actress.


Jim Carrey And Jenny McCarthy Breakup On Twitter

Jim Carrey And Jenny McCarthy Breakup On Twitter

We are sad to report that another longtime Hollywood couple has bitten the dust. After 5 years together, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy took to Twitter to separately announce their breakup on Tuesday night.


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