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Japan Says It Is First to Tap Methane Hydrate Deposit

If the extraction process is successful, it could provide enough energy to meet the country’s gas consumption needs for 14 years, experts say.


Japan pro-bomb voices grow louder amid nuke debate


A contentious debate over nuclear power in Japan is also bringing another question out of the shadows: Should Japan keep open the possibility of making nuclear weapons - even if only as an option?...


Tens of thousands rally in Tokyo for end to nuclear power

Protest in Japan

Tens of thousands of people rallied at a Tokyo park Monday demanding that Japan abandon nuclear power.


Japan mulls buying disputed islands in East China Sea

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said on Saturday that the government is considering buying islands in potentially gas rich territory claimed by both Japan and China, in a move likely to anger Beijing.


Exclusive: China, India plan Iran oil cuts of 10 percent or more

China, India and Japan are planning cuts of at least 10 percent in Iranian crude imports as tightening U.S. sanctions make it difficult for the top Asian buyers to keep doing business with the OPEC producer.


Rolling blackouts for Tokyo all summer

Rolling blackouts for Tokyo all summer

The loss of two nuclear power plants means the Tokyo region will face the summer peak demand with a loss of about 20% of capacity, the plant's owner said Thursday.


In Bizarre Panic, Germany's Merkel To Shut Pre-1980 Nukes

In Bizarre Panic, Germany's Merkel To Shut Pre-1980 Nukes

What a bone-headed move. There’s nothing wrong with the 7 nuclear plants that German Chancellor Angela Merkel decreed would be shut down. Just last fall Germany decided to extend the lives of these plants, which provide roughly 10% of Germany’s electricity. With solar and wind entirely unscalable, how’s Germany going to make up the electric deficit? Either by ramping up the use of fossil-fuel burning plants (and importing more natural gas from Russia) or importing power from its neighbors–like nuke-friendly France.


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